Thoughts on a flexable client side mod

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Myers Carpenter, Mar 10, 2011.

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    Oh. Snap.

    Unfortunately I can't fork with it right now, as I have both finals (grr) and have promised people quite the todo list for my Thermostat plugin. From what I got browsing the git, the interface itself seems to be going in the right direction, which is of course the most important bit. For it to really work though, it needs to be at least as transparent to both server admins and plugin authors as the currently avaliable bukkit systems. Thus, my short list of potential plugin interface objects. The idea is that if I can fill with something like:

    csAppend(extraJewels.csBlock(extraJewels.Ores,2,4,487,"Jade Ore"));
    then the basic tenants of writing a bukkit plugin are unchanged, allowing plugin authors to write the same way they do now, only requiring the plugin author to remember to add the appropriate appends in onEnable(or perhaps as a new Appends block that precedes event registry?) and the API would handle the registries the same way it handles your baby creeper.

    If it's simple to use, it will get used a lot! I understand that MAKING it simple to use is no small task, but given the overall design of the bukkit API I think it seems like the most natural course of things.

    Aside: If Pogic can stream client assets... could it not stream itself as well as a special case? Thus, just as minecraft is easy for the end user on patches, so would be Pogic, and your reign over mankind would be complete!
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    Good luck on this mate, i wish i could help but.. i don't know anything about plugin programming and such. =/

    As said, good luck with it!
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    As Usual You have my support, If you need Anything Just Pm Meee!
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