Things that annoy me about devs these days...

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by theguynextdoor, May 9, 2014.

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    This probably has very little to do with those people being "stuck up". It sounds like you deserved to get flamed. You shouldn't be posting questions in a programming forum if you "don't really want to get back into programming." You're asking for help but openly admitting you're not willing to do the legwork to understand what people are telling you. It's asking to be spoonfed. It's everything this thread is talking about. You ARE one of those people.

  2. It was in the plugin REQUEST forum. I was only asking for someone to make me a plugin.
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    Nobody deserves to get flamed. One person's behavior does not excuse bad behavior on the part of everyone else. This is how vigilantes get out of hand and good people get hurt.

    ABOODY006 I just finished reading your plugin request thread from January. It seems like a lot of the bad feelings in that thread were caused by a misunderstanding and escalation from that. You started out with a title that called a multifaceted plugin "simple" What you meant by simple was as a comparison to other plugins of that type, that this one you wanted would have less bloat than those and as such was simple. What a lot of the developers took it to mean was that you were trivializing the work put into making multifaceted plugins and that being "simple" it should be something even beginners could do. This slanted a lot of their comments negatively from the get-go because they felt insulted.

    Then, since nobody was understanding you or helping you with your request, you got frustrated and started replying in a way to reflect your frustration. That in turn made most everyone else in the thread also get a little hostile and things went from there. Escalation. From a misunderstanding of the word simple. Both sides in this share some of the blame for the thread going bad. You were frustrated and so were they. I don't really see anyone there as having outright malicious intent in their comments, just irritation from both sides.
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    You forgot the people who can't read basic stacktraces.
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    meh, i love question that looks like that:
    (no code, no error, no description)

    Or people that asking for help, but don't want give any line of code... because someone can steal it!
    Yep! everyone want steal (not working) code from "developer" who don't know how to code :D

    Or just dev that can't do anything new and/or own - if then never saw code to do something, then never write own.
    On other forum where I writing much more (Polish page about bukkit) I just "rage quit" when I see 5 people (in one day) that can't write simple cooldown code, even if you write what they must to do step by step (without code)

    IMHO people that can't write anything own without asking for code, tutorials with ready to use code (people just learn how to copy code, not write own)... they just never write anything new... and never learn Java and programming.
    First codes can look horrible - you are only learning, but you can't just copy all code from other place!
    And always this same reason, why they can't try creating something own:

    And last one:
    You created new plugin... YaY! amazing! but... there are 50 plugins like your on bukkit dev, please... don't upload it.
    That only much more work for bukkit staff, trying read that code...
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    I don't see the big deal with all this, if they don't provide the information you need to help them out or the skills, just don't answer and leave it. It's as simple as that.

    I'm also wondering why moderators don't step into a thread when it has something like

    Honestly I think they should just lock the thread or postpone it until they provide enough information for it to be answered.

    JaguarJo Or do you guys already do that because I've never seen it before? Just wondering
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    jthort If the comment shows up in the moderation queue, we'll look it over and make sure there's enough information to fit the forum it's being posted in. If it doesn't follow posting guidelines, we'll remove it.

    As for posts that aren't required to go through moderation before being visible, those are more on an as-we-see-it basis. These forums fill up pretty quickly, as I'm sure you've noticed, so we don't always get a chance to read each and every post in every subforum. This is why the report button is helpful. If you see a post breaking forum guidelines, then you should report it to bring it to our attention (use common sense; don't go all Nazi with the report button ;) ).
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