There should not be a "Planned" category

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by HockeyMike24, Mar 24, 2012.

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    There are people on BukkitDev that create these planned projects and have no knowledge of Java. Soon BukkitDev is going to be filled with all these planned projects, seeing as how anyone can make one.

    The feature is being used by little kids that thrive for attention. I think it should be removed.

    EDIT: Here are some examples... Clan Wars, GriefAway, Rooms. That is only 3 of over 700 that are in the planning stages. I browse for new plugins daily and always end up clicking a plugin that sounds really good but too good to be true.
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    Sorry just kinda found that funny.[​IMG]

    On topic I agree, but not remove it just make a kiddy-filter or something.
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    I don't understand how that's funny? Are you saying I am childish because I have my server address and logo displayed?

    Anyway this has nothing to do with age, it's to do with anyone being able to create planned projects. Maybe make it so that if you have developed a plugin before you can use the planned feature.
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    I'd agree, you should have to post a working jar for that plugin. There is no need for a planning stage.
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    I think that your project shouldn't be seen by the public until you have v1.0 ready to go.
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    I think that "planned" projects should be removed after 1 week unless they are promoted to the alpha stage.

    Also, 7cardcha, that's kind of ridiculous to ask people to have releases before they can be seen by the public. An alpha version would be just fine. If you don't allow that, people won't be able to get mass testing of their plugin before it reaches beta/release, which reduces reliability.
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    Well I didn't mean a "release version" as in a full production version I just meant any kind of version.

    Sorry for the terrible phrasing.
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    I still think it should just be removed, its useless to look at a plugin that does not exist yet.
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    Eh, I agree, but what about people who want to reserve the project name, but don't have time to develop it right away?
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    Hell I have a planned project that I haven't put any files. I am reserving the name don't remove that from me!
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    Then they are taking up names for other plugin developers who have a plugin ready to go. At the very least, you should have some kind of build ready to go in a week, be it a proof-of-concept or an alpha/beta build for testing.
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    This is just a waste of time for moderators and everyone involved. Why does someone need a finished project to pitch an idea? It doesn't make any sense.
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    Because it's not for ideas it's for planned projects that are going to be made, ideas belong in the plugin request section.
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    "Pitch an idea" is not a synonym for "plan." If you have planned to realize a project, then you create a "Planned" project. If you have a cool idea for a project, you put it in the request section. As I understand it, and as HockeyMike24 suggests, Bukkit Dev is for plugins that are or will be, not for plugins that may be.
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    Deleted user

    It's hilarious how a ton of plugins on BukkitDev don't actually have a download.
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    I agree, if they have a planned plugin, put it on the forum, not bukkitdev. Make it so you have to attach a jar to post maybe?
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    I'm honestly not sure how any of those got approved... We always do a check for quality of the plugin's description, and those are definitely not ready for the site. I don't think the planning stage is useless, because I have used it for legitimate purposes before, but I do think that projects like this should not be on BukkitDev.

    What you can do is simply hit the report button (bottom right hand corner) and say the project is inactive, and one of the staff will remove it. I have already done this to the three projects you mentioned.
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    Suggestion: only people who already has "author" status on bukkitdev should be able to create planned projects.

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    Maybe.. but people who haven't even created a project before may need it to, there's no reason to exclude them..
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    The fake planned projects do get deleted after they get reported, but there are lots of planned projects and I think they are getting created faster then they are getting removed.
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    You do realize this thread is over 2 months old right?
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    You do realize this is still an issue, right?
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    If you expand the Filters panel at the top of the page you can show a specific stage.
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    Yeah but then it would only allow you to see that stage. I want to see every stage but the planned.
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    I'm just gonna ignore this thread now.

    Oh wait.
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    Well What if you are teenager Developer and You want to post a plugin but have not enough knowledge / not enough time due to school to make it in like 1 hour? (Sarcasm)
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