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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Brant Wladichuk, Jan 13, 2012.

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    Brant Wladichuk

    Ah, looks like "includes/config.php" is not writable. If you know how to change permissions on file, do so, and try again.

    I'll work on fixing the script and upload it later today.
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    Ok i chmod the config i finish this step but now i can't see the login page i have another 500 internal server :

    [Sat Jun 16 00:24:36 2012] [error] [client] PHP Warning:  require(/var/www/pex/classes/formKey.class.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/pex/index.php on line 31
    [Sat Jun 16 00:24:36 2012] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error:  require(): Failed opening required '/var/www/pex/classes/formKey.class.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear') in /var/www/pex/index.php on line 31
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    Btw, you have a ETA on the update? :)
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    I have the same issue, but using apache/centos 6.2

    @Brant Wladichuk

    i was going to use that other guys panel but when i saw your post that he ripped you off i decided to go with the original. i hate ppl that rip others work! thanks for the hard and dedicated work towards this. but i wish it could work for me. hopefully there will be a fix for me and nicquehen
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    Brant Wladichuk

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    i figured it out. filename is wrong. its looking for formKey.class.php but its formkey.class.php (notice caps)
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    Brant Wladichuk


    Your right! When/how/why I missed that.. I haven't got the slightest

    New Version uploaded. Problems should be fixed
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    Thx i will test that :)

    It works !

    Cool !

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    I successsfuly insttalled thePEXinator, but when i login i get this:

    Fatal error: SQL in D:\xampp\htdocs\pexinator\templates\home.php on line 214
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    i am able to login now :) but i get a 500 when trying to add perms into my player. and does the group editor work? because i dont see any of my groups listed.
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    You need to edit the process.php

    formKeyclass --> rename formkeyclass
    (error caps)

    If i remember.
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    Isn't PEX for MySQL extremely unoptimized?
    On my server, with about 2000 users listed in the permissions, I tried to change PEX over to MySQL, and the first time it did a permissions lookup the entire server blocked for about 10 minutes just loading the permissions from MySQL. I was forced to change back to flatfile, because a 10 minute loading time for my server was beyond ridiculous.
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    Brant Wladichuk

    I've never had Pex w/ MySQL lock up on me.
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    @Brant Wladichuk
    New features that I would like to see:

    - The ability to create sub-users
    - The ability to set permissions for said sub-users. For instance I could create a sub-user that is only able to edit players ranking "VIP" and "Member" (A few of my group names). This would come in VERY handy when it comes to dealing with griefers. On my server we revoke the building rights of a player, which has to be done through ingame commands, and it's really hard to keep an overview of revoked players and why they were revoked. This leads my to my next feature
    - The ability to comment on a players "file", for instance I would put in "Griefed Townville, 500 blocks", so the others could tell why the said player was revoked. Other sub-users on the site would then be able to add additional comments.

    I would VERY much like to see these features, as I've been looking for something exactly like this.
    If you manage to pull this of, I'll be willing to hand out a somewhat generous donation, (exactly how much we could discuss through a PM if you'd like).

    I really hope you will take this into consideration, as I do believe others than me could benifit of these features.

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    Brant Wladichuk


    I've started work on the sub-user system. Don't expect it to soon, it's a load of work.
    The note system I will work on after the sub-user system.

    Thanks for wanting to donate. Doesn't need to be discussed, just give what you want =)
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    I realise it is a lot of work, I've had some people working on the same thing, who's had to give up.

    I'm very pleased to see you working on it, awesome man! :)
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    Any news for the adduser functionnality ? :)
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    Unleash ur Geek

    I'm getting a problem, even with fixing the formkey error in the process.php I am still not able to see any groups in the Group Editor, can anyone help me?
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    Does this plugin work even if you don't have websend installed? i'm not a fan of websend and would rather not install it.

    If it means i have to manually reload pex in-game, then so be it.
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    Brant Wladichuk

    Works with or without websend. Just make sure you disable the setting.

    As an update: The next version will be released with bukkit 1.3
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    Just wondering why does the website have to be hosted on the same server as minecraft?
    I am referring to this bit of information;

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    Brant Wladichuk

    If you are familiar with remote connections with mysql, then you can host it else where. I don't really recommend that route though, but up to you. Just as long as you can connect thePexinator to the MySQL server and database PEX is using, it'll work.
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    Brant Wladichuk Hmm, I'm getting some errors trying to install:
    Show Spoiler

    EDIT: Okay, I fixed those, but now it is saying "Failed to fill tables"
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    When will the 1.3 version be out? Is it safe to use the current version?
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    Brant Wladichuk


    If you have acces to your database via phpmyadmin (or command line), check your pex database for any tables with the pexinator_ prefix. Delete them, and re-run the install script. DO NOT delete the tables without the pexinator_ prefix

    I've improved the install script for the next version
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    Brant Wladichuk you have an error with your handling of the secret PIN numbers. If it starts with a 0, the 0 is not stored, only the last 3 digits which causes the person to not be able to log in.

    Or it could be you allow for 3 digit pins and I just typed my password wrong twice :)
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    Brant Wladichuk


    I guess I over looked that :p

    So login is broken for you?
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    nahh I just deleted the table and made a pin that didn't start with 0 :p
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