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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Brant Wladichuk, Jan 13, 2012.

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    Brant Wladichuk

    <font color="#ff0000">no longer in development.. for now</font>

    thePexinator 2.0

    <font color="#ff0000">Current Version: 2.2</font>

    Easily manage your PEX users with an epic, sexy, and simple web panel.

    New Features:
    - Now uses the Websend plugin to reload PEX whenever a change is made. No need to have players re-log for direct database changes to take effect.

    - Much much much more secure

    - Simple installation script

    Screen Shots:
    Ajax powered user search


    Player List

    Player Editor

    How to install
    Please note: This only works if hosted on the same machine as your Minecraft server.
    BACK UP YOUR DATABASE! - thePexinator has never caused an issue, but it's always a smart thing to do!

    Step 1 - Upload thePexinator files into your web directory
    Step 2 - Navigate in your browser to the /install folder
    Step 3 - Follow the installation

    Enabling Websend
    Install the Websend plugin found here

    Make sure the config has these lines:
    Go to thePexinator's settings page, and fill in the required info.

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>
    Version 2.2

    How to update:
    - Download full version
    - Delete the 'INSTALL' and 'INCLUDE' folders from the NEWER recently downloaded version
    - Replace Everything

    Currently Being worked on:
    - Module support for other mysql using plugins
    - Multi user support, with different permission levels (Panel)
    - Integration of more pex features

    Panel has not gone through intensive testing, please report any bugs below. (include browser, os, what you did etc etc)
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    It looks awesome!
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    great. good job Thanks
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    Brant Wladichuk

    Thanks, i'm glad you guys like it!
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    I like it !

    two thing (important for me)

    -Use tree to sort by user/group (my scroll mouse don't like :p )
    -I need the possibility to add node to user
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    Brant Wladichuk

    Sorry for late response.

    I'm releasing an update to allow that. As well as multi-world support

    Thanks for the suggestion
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    I don't understand the point of these tools...why is it that hard to edit your perms file?
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    I think I shall try this.
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    Trying this now!
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    This isn't for flatfile storage. This is for those using MySQL to store the database.
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    Will try!

    Looks good :D
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    Brant Wladichuk

    Thanks, If you find any problems or have any suggestions... Please let me know
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    Brant Wladichuk

    Bump for new release
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    Im having some trubble I keep getting access denied on the process.php page I cant change anything.
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    Brant Wladichuk

    What environment are you running? wamp? xxamp? apache?

    Do you have javascript enabled?
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    I'm using wamp and javascript is enabled.
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    Brant Wladichuk

    Very odd. This happens when you change anything?

    Are you using the Websend feature?
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    That is where I got the error I dint edit any permissions all I did was going through the menu links and when I went to the setting page to add Websend it said denied access.
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    Brant Wladichuk

    the settings page gives the error? or, changing a setting on the setting page?
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    the process.php is the buged one every time I click it button it tries to run through the script but every time when I try to do something it says access denyed.
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    Brant Wladichuk

    Ah. My stupid mistake.

    Go into the classes folder, open up pexinator.class.php (note pad) and remove:

    die("access denied");
  22. Very nice, may change to SQL perms now.
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    Brant Wladichuk

    Version 2.1 released. Actually works....​

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    Seems like a great job! :)
    Actually been thinking about doing something similliar myself, but you've saved me that time, thanks! :D

    Anyhow, just wondering before I start messing with my server (can't seem to get PEX to use mysql, very annoying) - is it possible to assign several groups to one user? That's essential for me :p

    @Brant Wladichuk

    For some reason the Pexinator won't show me the groups on the server, even though they're in the database.
    What's wrong?
    I'm only running PEX as a plugin on the server, and I haven't changed anything in the config for pexinator.

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    Brant Wladichuk

    Try replacing 'pexinator.class.php'

    with this:

    Tell me if that works.
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    When i click on next durind the installation (step 2), i have a 500 error code.

    I don't know why
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    Brant Wladichuk

    Are you get the Internal Server Error 500?

    What environment are you using?
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    Yep, that worked. :)

    Now, for a couple of requests:

    - Ability to add users to several groups
    - Ability to set groups inheritance

    If you don't have the time and if the project is on GitHub I guess I could take a look at things and do a pull request within the next two weeks.
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    yes Internal Server Error 500?

    Apache2/ubuntu os

    maybe i need to modify my apache config?
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    Brant Wladichuk

    Already working on those features

    hmm what it say in the error log?
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