The Terminator

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    Suggested name: The Terminator

    What I want:
    I would like a minigame plugin that recreates the vanilla game, "The Terminator."
    What it does is it will choose one of the players in the lobby to become the terminator. The terminator is slowed and cant jump. The goal of the terminator is to kill all the other players or, "survivors." The only way for the survivors to win is to collect the power crystals. Every 1.5 minutes, a nether start will randomly appear around the map with a bolt of lightning revealing its location. The survivaiors need to run to this and get it. Once it is grabbed it will disappear. If the Terminator finds the crystal, he/she can stay around it and fend off all the survivors... so it is a very strategic game for both the bad and good. once 8 power crystals are obtained by the survivors, they win. If all the survivors are killed, the terminator wins.

    Also, skim-reading is much easier with paragraphs!

    Ideas for commands:
    I dont care what they are, but i need some for setting up the arena and setting a lobby. Also, I would like a join sign to look like this:

    Line 1: Term
    Line 2: (Map Name)
    Line 3: (Started, Waiting, Restarting)
    Line 4:

    If the game is restarting I want the sign to look like this:

    line 1: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    line 2: RESTARTING
    line 3:
    line 4: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

    Ideas for permissions:
    You can make up the perms
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