The rite of passage "bukkit api n00b Questions" thread

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by feverdream, Jan 14, 2011.

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    I have been looking at the docs as much as I can but as I am still finding it difficult to find people willing to share source that I can look at to learn the API so I am still somewhat confused by a few things. Yes, I could just test this on a server.. but I don't have access to a working test environment due to Notches updates.. and I want to learn. :)

    Essentially I want to be able to set and get blocks at given x/y/z coordinates for the current world. I figure this is a good basic skill as you can do a lot with it, and I would have loved to look at the iStick code for this as it does what I am looking for, but as the source is not available I am left looking at the docs instead. Oh well.

    1. Is it really as simple as the following to remove a block or otherwise change its type? This looks to be "too easy" and I want to be sure I am not otherwise missing something. As I am sure many of you know Hey0 used explicit setblockat() calls and I cant find anything like that in the javadoc so I just want to be sure this was it:
                        Block b = plugin.getServer().getWorlds()[0].getBlockAt(blockClicked.getX() , blockClicked.getY() , blockClicked.getZ() );
    2. You may notice above I am blindly looking for the first world object returned by the server in that array; So how would I tell what world I am in so that I do not mistakenly change blocks in a world I am not in?

    3. I have a very strong desire to work with Chests and provide anti griefer plugins to protect worlds against thieves (exploding chests, etc).. but I am not finding much in the way of inventory API's for chests. Are these all one interface? I look in the javadocs and a search for "chest" returns no hits.

    Thank you in advance.
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    Chest hooks haven't been implemented yet ;).
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    What about the other 2 questions?
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    Thank you. So many options to do what *looks* like the same thing, I sometimes feel like I'm working in Perl again..

    In bukkit the code I posted seems to be the only option for setting blocks I can find.
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    Who cares if they don't share source. Just use
    It's what the people making bukkit are (probably) using to decompile the minecraft code.
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    It's possible they just made the b.setType() function without actually filling it with any server-updating functionality. In which case, what you're doing is correct and you just need to wait for them to finish their code. That's what I'm banking on for a lot of my code. *cross fingers*

    It makes sense for them to do that as it gives plugin developers the ability to write their code even though Bukkit is not completed. And, I think I read somewhere that such was the case.
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    Well, yeah there's JD-GUI as you mentioned, but you also have to take into consideration that all the source is obfuscated... There's a public project called MCP that deals with the deobfuscation of that source code.
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