[The Next Generation of Server Modifications] Sponge: Cleaning Up Bukkit's Mess

Discussion in 'Resources' started by BungeeTheCookie, Sep 14, 2014.

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    Since Bukkit is pretty much dead, I decided that I want to inform you about a new API called Sponge. Sponge is an upcoming Forge API lead by sk89q (leader of WorldEdit) and bloodmc (Leader of Cauldron/MCPC+) along with guys from Bukkit (I think I saw mbaxter and TnT on their forums :p), Spigot, Spout, and Glowstone communities. You can check out the website here: www.spongepowered.org.
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    Is it out yet?
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    No it is not out yet. It has just started development, but has a large community of supporters.

    I know..
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    I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time it's been mentioned or explained.
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    random noobs will never advance past "create fancy name like glowstone or trident".

    only implementation do matter, everything else is optional.
  8. zombiekiller753 Awareness depends on the assumption that people actually read the threads. Ironically people like DJSkepter and BungeeTheCookie might think this will 'raise awareness' but fail to notice that they themselves ignored threads such as these. I am continuously dumbfounded at certain people's apparent inability to search for anything.
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  10. AdamQpzm I always read threads like these - don't judge me.
  12. AdamQpzm *Faceplant* I see what you mean -.-
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    Haven't been on Bukkit in a while. It is not a matter of ignoring things, but just trying to explain a matter of things that people may not have heard about. I am pretty sure everyone knows about Sponge, just putting it out there. I wasn't trying to prove anything or search anything..

    For example, when something comes out on the news, like ISIS or Michael Brown. People know it is out there, they still choose to elaborate on it. Nothing wrong with it.
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    I recommend you to try :)
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    I already moved to C# and coding "bukkit for rimworld", github:rimgazer

    learned C# in two days...
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    *Everyone starts advertising their own version*
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