The Mutant mini-game

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    ...When the zombie apocalypse started, no-one knew what other creatures hide in the shadows. Now we have explored the most of the world, and in some cases we found a cure as we made progress with the villager experiments, but it didn't work fine all the time. As we explored we started to realize how much we didn't know. That there are other, special infected zombies, who are hiding outside
    and only waiting for the right moment to finish us. But what else we don't know..?

    Suggested name: The Mutant but i gladly accept other suggestions

    The mini-game i tought of for minecraft (is inspired by both left4dead and Saxton Hale from tf2) and could be possibly done without a plugin, but then many redstoning and an admin would always be needed for it. This is why I think it'd be simple.

    This game is about a special infected player who has a health boost effect on him (about 4 health bars) and can kill others with 2 punches by bare hands. (the ones who don't wear armor, so about 5 hp/punch)
    But the players can stop him, by throwing a potion of weakness at him, and feeding him a golden apple. (He must prevent this)
    A special infected is chosen every full moon, and if is not being defeated by the next nightfall, wins, and gets some kind of reward. But he must kill players beacuse that is what he feeds on. If he doesn't kill players for about 5 minutes, he dies of starving. But he should not take damage over time from it like normal players. And he should get regeneration immediately as he kills a player.
    There should not be an arena or anything like this. It should happen in the overworld where there are most of the players.
    When a mutant is chosen, he should have a unique equipment, something that makes him look like a zombie and everyone knows that he is an infected. And his old inventory should be saved.
    Players who disconnect during the game to escape the mutatnt, should get some kind of punishment, like they can't join back until the game ended. (banned for the remaining time)

    anyone? :D
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