The Bridges!

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Johnanater, Dec 28, 2014.

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    Plugin category: Minigames

    Suggested name: Bridges

    What I want:
    An automated minigame

    Team Prefixes

    Max players = 20, 10 on each team

    Example Map: Don't mind the ground!

    Description of the game:

    Minigame that there is two teams. They each start on the other side of the map. They bridge across the map making little bases. They kill each other. There is supply chests below them.
    I need it to have automated games.

    The game starts when more than 10 people start the game and it counts down from 30 seconds. The max players is 20, 10 for each team. The team selection is random.

    During the game when someone dies I want it to say "&6{PLAYERNAME} &3has fallen by (Killer)!"

    The game ends when one team has no more players and it will say "(&1Blue/&4Red) &3has won the game!"

    Maps reset/loads the schematic again when game is over

    Commands - Permissions

    /b join - bridges.join
    /b leave - bridges.leave

    /b kick - bridges.kick
    /b restart - (Restarts all games) bridges.restart

    To make a map
    /b create (Name)

    I want it to be able to load a schematic

    /b schematic (Name) (.schematic file, that's under a folder named "schematics")
    /b setspawn1
    /b setspawn2

    When I'd like it by: Soon!
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    @Johnanater Read the plugin request instruction thread please.
    And Add more information about your request.
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    Instructions unclear.
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    @Johnanater If you want someone to make a plugin for you at least make it have a point. Right now you are asking for a mini-game that doesn't have an end objective to it. You need to specify objectives such as start game, mid game, how to win etc...
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    Honestly john i do not think anyone would do this,
    and if they do probably it wont be to the standards you want it.
    I believe you want a plugin similar to the one by Mineplex
    (a server that earns hundreds of dollars a day), by devs who earn hundreds a month.
    I'm not saying it is impossible but it will take some time, and i doubt anyone has that kind of time.
    I'm interested in the turn-out of this - would love to see this plugin.
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