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    hello i have assembled a team of great builders and i need someone to make me a plugin ,this plugin is a mountain generator we realy need someone to make this because we can not carry on if nobody makes this we think what we are doing at the moment will change mineraft roleplay servers forever so please help with this new revolution
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    1. Please follow plugin requests template.
    2. Please be a little more detailed.
    3. If you could use capital letters, sentences and punctuation it would make your post a lot easier to read.
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    I also work on this, here is what we need.

    Plugin category: Generator

    Suggested name: Mountain Generator

    A bit about me (well this is what we're doing, but oh well): Me and ringloo along with some other friends are making what we believe is the biggest map that has ever been made. We hope that some plugin devs can help us with this monumental task by creating some of the plugins that we need.

    What I want: We need plugin that will generate mountains upon entering a command. This would be similar to that of the world edits forestgen command, but with mountains. We would be able to use an item that could specift where we want the mountain(s) to go, such as a bowl.

    Ideas for commands: /mountaingen [height] [width] [snow capped, true;false] [density(This would be how many mountains in the selected area)]

    Ideas for permissions: Only ops are able to use this.

    Willing to pay up to: We can't say if we are willing to pay anything out at the moment as we will need to see how the server goes. However should this be the success we are hoping for then we will be able.

    When I'd like it by: Whenever it most suitable. We would like it as soon as possible but as long as we get it then we can continue with out work.

    Similar plugin requests: None the I know of.

    Devs who might be interested in this: I don't know

    Any more questions feel free to ask.
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    or, you could just use things like voxel sniper and do exactly this with little effort
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    We have tried. It takes to long for these mountains
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    Could you give a picture of what you want a mountain to look like?
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    Here you go




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    /b b 20
    /v stone
    click a shit ton of times
    /b e melt
    click a shit ton more times
    /b over d 1
    /v grass
    cover it
    /v snow
    cover it
    mountain = done
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    That would be fine if the mountains weren't as big as we need them. They will be thousands of blocks long if not more, but thanks for the suggestion.
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    Wow that's very cool! Im out as far as possible developers for this, but I suggest maybe asking for a World generator. If the mountains really are the size of (what looks like) post-1.8 biomes, then a command that generates a mountain would be very lag heavy.
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    Takes too long? I made a 3000x3000 map with voxelsniper xD Took 8 days with 2 people :3

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