The API CraftBukkit no longer exists?

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by bukloveur, Oct 27, 2015.

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  1. Hello, I see that the APIs CraftBukkit are no longer on the site and I see everywhere "is illegal," but I do not understand that it was seen by CraftBukkit share ...

    So I would like to understand better as I'm struggling to translate all other posts. Why the API is not available anymore and overnight is "illegal"?

    I look for the version 1.8.8 but no link for it ... (The recommended 1.7.10 and I was looking 1.8.8 snapshot.)

    Thank you in advance for information. I specify that the .jar of the API was available on so if I am told that it is illegal, I understand nothing.
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    CraftBukkit isn't the API. CraftBukkit is the server software. Bukkit is the API and AFAIK, it is perfectly fine to distribute it.
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    There is no Bukkit for 1.8, final version was for 1.7.10. 1.8 'Bukkit' is a spigot fake, and is not supported by bukkit team nor is legally downloadable either.
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    @Necrodoom_V2 I wouldn't go as far as to say it's a fake. Isn't it the 1.7.10 Craftbukkit updated by the Spigot team to support 1.8?
  6. If by "fake" you mean fork. The current releases are a bukkit fork, work very well, and are readily available at

    Just download and run their Buildtools.jar file to get the latest editions of 1.8.8 of their CraftBukkit/Spigot forks.

    Thankfully, md_5 separated the bukkit API from the Minecraft Server code, keeping the lgpl license of the bukkit API intact. The jar files are built on the fly! I've been using their Spigot software to run a very successful gaming server since their 1.8 version was released. I highly recommend it!
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    @oceantheskatr Its not an official Craftbukkit, despite it claiming so, so i see no reason to not call it fake, as its a spigot build renamed for the purpose of clickbait.
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    @Necrodoom_V2 I don't think it contains some methods that the Spigot build does, one example I can think of is Player#spigot().respawn

    I would have to check of course to actually prove this, but I'm not sure if you care enough for me to do it. In my opinion I don't believe they call it Craftbukkit as clickbait, but instead because so many people know Craftbukkit and not Spigot, and since Spigot is the closest thing to Craftbukkit (and works on 1.8+) they've released a "Craftbukkit" as well.

    By just looking at the jar sizes, Spigot is 19,294KB and Craftbukkit is 16,574KB (both 1.8.8).

    Of course this does not pertain to the legality of it, which we've already gone over before.
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    @oceantheskatr You just summed up why i called it 'clickbait': its not an actual Craftbukkit, they know its far from the same thing, but yet they called it Craftbukkit anyway, misleading people to use their software. This isnt the first time MD did it anyway.

    @BaltimoreCalling You came from a 4 months inactivity to literally copy-paste a spigot ad? Also, no, bukkit API =/= Craftbukkit.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    If we are gonna have this conversation again then please use the dedicated dmca thread.
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  11. I understood better, I have a little trouble understanding just as I am not English and I have a little trouble with the meaning of sentences.

    Do you have tutorials for plugins on minecraft vanilla or other? Since Bukkit is illegal ... Otherwise I'll be forced to leave the side of spigot ... :/

    Timtower > I have use the research and i have not find, i have search "api bukkit" "bukkit download" and just find "is illegal" but no more ..
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    @Necrodoom_V2 If it is indeed not just an updated fork, and from the 3MB size difference between CB and Spigot 1.8.8, it would seem so.

    Regardless of whether or not it's just a c'n'p by Spigot, it's still available. But let's not get back in to talking about DMCA validity, as I already agree with you on that.
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    @bukloveur You can download Bukkit API (Although Curse took our download service down and never restored it...) but you cannot download Craftbukkit, aka the server to run a Bukkit server.

    Minecraft vanilla has no plugins. If you mean Bukkit plugins, i can direct you to some tutorials, but il need to know how well you know Java first, as good Java knowledge is needed to code plugins.

    Also, what is your native language?
  14. I'm french ! ^^

    No I saw a tutorial to make plugins for vanilla. Although you can not add objects. I'm on a vanilla server there with lots of plugins (NPC etc etc).

    After I made a java launcher, I have large bases on many other languages I am just java. I think myself out for that, I had several years ago to add a craft in the .jar server and it work. You could not see the result but when you click it was getting good resources.

    And I try to make my own made plugins I want 100% of the plugins is done by me, so I'm going to create plugins that I wanted.

    But my real goal would be to make mods, I'd rather complex creates big mods I have some programming in mind, in order to make a hardcore adventure with a progressive difficulty.

    make mods to forge seems to me the best idea.
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    @bukloveur No such thing as Vanilla with plugins. With your description it sounds like Bukkit.

    Bukkit wiki contains a basic plugin tutorial to start you off.
  16. I want to do it in 1.8.8 as mentioned above, one spigot provided illegally that. So I'll leave on the forge.

    Edit: So I'll forge on, big easy tutorials in French too complicated for my little brain containing only a few neuronnes. (In French and more: P) on the French forum forge.
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    Locked thread as this only goes about spigot and the DMCA again.
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