Solved Teleporting players to defaultworld's nether from another world?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Neilnet, Apr 12, 2015.

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    Worlds that I have:

    World (being the default)

    PlayingWorld (not the default)

    Now: IF the player enters a portal from World, he can go to World_Nether, but if a player enters a portal from PlayingWorld he cannot go into the portal.

    Is there I can be teleporting players to defaultworld's nether from another world?
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    You can use a PlayerPortalEvent (off the top of my head) and EntityPortalEvent (also off the top of my head)
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    That's what I was doing. There is no way to teleport the player to the Nether portal in the nether where the player is safe.
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    What do you mean exactly?
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    Bukkit.getWorld("world_nether").getSpawnLocation(); doesn't return the location of which is safe & has a nether portal near by to get back to the overworld.

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    I made my own FindNetherSafeSpot() which scans through a small area, and it searches for a safe area for the player to spawn. Then I teleport players there if they wish to get to the nether. Though, I cannot really have a nether portal there. I feel like I'm missing out on something already implemented in the Bukkit API to make my life easier.
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    @Neilnet I feel like I'm not getting what you want exactly. Try and explain it in steps or something.
    • You want players to use a portal from Non-Default World to Default World Nether?
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    Yes, exactly like that. the onPlayerPortal event is called. Although they cannot really teleport to the default world.

    So player is on non-default world
    > Makes portal
    > Enters portal
    > Doesn't teleport to default world nether.

    Steps I've done:
    When onPlayerPortal is called, I teleport players to the default world_nether's spawnLocation with:

    but that method returns 0, 0, 0 for world_nether which is on top of the nether, which basically doesn't allow the player to use the nether world.
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    @Neilnet So players being teleported will be teleported to a some-what predefined area or an already placed portal, or create one if necessary?
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    That was the solution I thought of, but it's too time consuming. Is there a way to get the safe spot? Not the
    Bukkit.getWorld("world_nether").getSpawnLocation() which returns (x=0, y=0, z=0) which is on top of the nether.

    So the normal area you'd get if you walked into a portal? Although this is from another world, not the defaultworld's nether?

    Okay, I just want to restate this:

    I have a custom world generated through code on the server.

    When the player enters the custom world, and makes a portal and goes into it. Nothing occurs. I'm trying to make it so when he goes in, he goes into the default world's nether (world_nether).
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    After doing some API learning, I learned how to do this.

    Thanks for helping me! You've helped me in other posts too, and each of your replies has been so useful
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