TeamDeathMatch with Tnt Cannons

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    Plugin category: FUN

    Suggested name: YQPlugin

    What I want: I basically need a team death match 2 teams and with tnt cannons used to kill the other team. You get EXP for killing a player and donors get double the EXP. And with that EXp you can buy upgraded bows and armor to help you stay alive. And you start off with a wooden sword. There will be 2 cannons on each team.

    Ideas for commands: /tdm(Which can set the Arena, join, leave and shop)

    Ideas for permissions: tdm.user Lets them use all player commands

    When I'd like it by: August 4, 2014

    And if you can have signs to leave and join the arena. And have a GUI Shop to buy the upgraded armor and bows.
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    EvRules5 Good luck with this request. I don't think somebody will make a minigame in 6 days...
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    daavko I moved it back to August 4,2014

    Can anyone do this? I can do it myself. I just have alot of stuff to do with work and other major stuff!

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    EvRules5 You are really impatient. It is only 25 minutes and you bumped. Wait day...two...three and somebody may answer.
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    good luck :D i hope someone even tries with this vague description

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