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    I posted a thread requesting "Private Beacons" not too long ago, but I think this is an ever better idea.​

    Plugin category: Mechanics (I think, it might be Miscellaneous)​

    Suggested name: Team Beacons​

    What I want: I'm thinking of making this massive PvP arena with 2 teams that has beacons everywhere, but the problem is getting certain beacons to work with only 1 team. (and then the other beacons to work only with the other team, of course.) I want to make it so that when you're closer to the beacons your team owns, you have a higher chance of winning fights because of the beacon effects.​

    Ideas for commands: I was thinking that one player creates a team by typing in "/bteam create [nameOfTeam]" and then adding people to his team by typing "/bteam add [nameOfPlayer]". From then on, any beacon the team leader activates will give buffs to only the people on his team.​
    Additional commands:​
    "/bteam delete" to delete the team the player is currently on. (Only the team creator would be able to do this)​
    "/bteam leave" to leave the team, which any player except for the creator would be able to do​

    Ideas for permissions: I guess any player should be able to use this.​

    When I'd like it by: Hopefully as soon as possible.​

    Additionally, you could add an option to capture beacons because I know a lot of players would want that as an option for this plugin, but I in particular don't.​
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    Bump... Seriously guys. This could be a very good plugin... :(

    Bump again... I kind of need this... My PvP arena is almost done...

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    This is actually ridiculous...
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    I am fairly sure that this would be possible by somehow, but the only way that I could think of it is to only let one team have X beacon effects, and the other team gets Y beacon effects, and then when you join, if you are on the opposite team, it cancels the beacons effects
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    Unfortunately my Java skills are way too limited for me to be able to write the program myself. I took programming in grades 10, 11, and 12, but I tried following the tutorial for writing plugins with bukkit and I didn't get far before realizing that I had no idea what I was doing.
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    I have a suggestion like the name implies but for factions
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    Still waiting on someone to work on this plugin.
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    Not entirely sure this is possible. Beacons automatically will apply effects to anyone within range, and there's no easy way to modify that. You could use the beacon block as an indicator for a custom beacon though. The effects just wouldn't be applied through the beacon GUI.
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    Beacons just came out, From my understanding, there is no way to do this in the API yet.
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    Any idea when it will be possible?
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    When the bukkit team comes around to adding it.
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    You guys haven't thought of being able to place a beacon, type a command to register it as a 'special' beacon, then another command to add an effect to it. The radius of this 'special' beacon could be configurable, though there would probably have to be a command to start the timer to check for players in this radius, as I think a continuous timer may cause a bit of lag.

    I'm taking this one on.

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