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  1. @CommunityNetwork Not had much time to work but it has been slowly getting done. We will try to get something out by Saturday/Sunday
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  2. @bwfcwalshy It is now monday......... And i know that you said: "We will try" and i know programming isn't easy, but this is the 3th time that you say that. I would like a picture of the programming or an Alpha version of the plugin before Friday.

    Good Luck!
  3. @bwfcwalshy Weekly remember. How go it with the plugin?
  4. @CommunityNetwork Oh man I completely forgot about this. I think I am going to redo what I have, I could do some parts better. I will try to keep you updated.
  5. @bwfcwalshy here is you're tag
  6. Here is your tag and Quote
  7. @CommunityNetwork Someone else will have to take over, I have had less and less time recently :/ I will still work slowly in the background.
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  9. Bump i need a new Developer. Of have @bwfcwalshy Time?
  10. BUMPER DE BUMP. I need a new Developer
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    Official Ulti

    Good luck again with your minigame, mine new doesnt seem it has much luck, i have found no developer at all..
  12. It is also hard to find a developer.....
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    Well my previous post got removed which is very annoying, but I'll say it again: I am willing to write this plugin but I am currently on holiday so I won't be able to start till sunday, also I haven't played either of the games that were noted in the plugin description so expect questions about game mechanics and such.
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