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  1. Hey Developers (Or someone else)

    I have a new concept for a brand new minigame!
    The idea is that we make a minigame kind of WarThunder/WorldOfTanks/Tankionline.
    You can use Ucars or an another API. Here is a list for stuff that i will in the minigame/ and in the shop.

    Mutilply arena's and capturepoints (Like WarThunder)

    The Tanks:

    Boat (Baddest tank, the player get it in the begin of the minigame)
    Minecart ( A normal tank it is expensive)
    Horse (The quickest and the most expensive tank.(In the horse categories is it possible for armor and other horses))


    Fishingrod (baddest weapon. the player get it in the begin of the minigame)
    egg (without chicken, just like with splegg.)
    snowball (mayby with freeze function?)
    Firework (Kind of quake cannon, it is a sniper. long reload time)
    arrow (shortdistance weapon, long reload time, instand dead)
    TNT (The most powerfull weapon in the game, 90% damage, very long reload time, most expensive)
    Hoe: Like quake

    Powerups: (Exmaple in the 4th of the 6th slot)

    Poition of healing: Tank healing
    poition of Harming: Closed tank destroy
    Redstone torch: airstrike
    Gast thear: Suicide


    1 August 2015

    Good luck!

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    Really fun idea!!!
    Am not a developer but i really wanna play this game!
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  3. Do you like BETA player if the plugin is finished?
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    Yes, I will. Thank you for your offer!
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    @bwfcwalshy Yea, it seems great! Be fun to make and good for ID.
  7. yes we have a server rack, but that is not 24/7 and you need the document mail. We also host a server, but that is already in use. 3rd solution is that I know a few places where you for a short time 0.5/1 RAM servers can get. These 3 things are the solution

    (Sorry, This isn't 100% translate, I'm Dutch)

    <Edited by bwfcwalshy: Fixed translation as best as possible.>
  8. @CommunityNetwork I wanted to know if you had one so you can easily test. We will just use my local test server it is ok.
  9. OK, that's good. I have servers for testing by myself.
  10. Yes, if it can. Example with hunger games arena's.
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  12. @CommunityNetwork We are getting a server set up, once it is up we will need your opinions.
  13. OK, thats good captain :p
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    Official Ulti

    @CommunityNetwork Nice idea! can i test it out and maybe record some videos while playing it to make the server/plugin more hyped? just a question :) Btw, im sure you can get a popular server with this minigame... you should try it!
    Btw, ik ben ook Nederlands :3
  15. Ok thats is good, but i'm in colsultation about you're idea.
  16. @nverdier or @bwfcwalshy you're working now 11 day's. To made a plug-in is hard. I know, but we want to see a preview or a picture from the developing. Here is ouer part of the job, I have made with my team a Recoursepack and a map for this minigame and we fixed some YouTubers to broadcast this minigame if it finishd.


  17. @CommunityNetwork We will attempt to get a preview version ready on Saturday, we are doing most background things and of course working on our new website and server so we haven't had the most time.
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  18. OK, you're to late with the preview version :p, but that is no problem.
    There is no hurry. But you'll be ready within a year. That would be nice.


  19. How goes the programming guy's?
  20. @CommunityNetwork Oh sorry I have been so busy with my other project I forgot about this.. I can continue work tomorrow. Will post an ETA soon.

    Also make sure to tahg or quote me so I can see easier and faster ;)
  21. Hahahahaha. Thats good. There's no hurry. I tag you every week. :D
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    @CommunityNetwork I like the idea also! Btw I'm also dutch. xD
    Nice to me you, another dutchmen!
  23. Thank you another DutchMan :p
  24. @bwfcwalshy , Here is you're tag. Once in the week :p
  25. @bwfcwalshy here is the tag. How goes it with the Alpha/Beta version?
  26. Hay @bwfcwalshy

    How is it?
    My Crew (and the owner) would like a picture of the plugin if that possible.
    Also wanted we an Alpha version as possible.

    Greets from Holland!
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