Take items in exchange for a rank?

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    Plugin category: Admin/General.

    Suggested name: RankMe

    What I want:
    I would like a simple plugin that, when a user clicks a sign, the server takes some items in exchange for a rank!
    On my server I have two ranks that require items to be ranked, the first two, 'Treepuncher' & 'Miner'.
    To become a tree puncher you must exchange 64 logs for the rank.
    To become a miner you must exchange 20 coal, 10 iron, 5 gold, 1 diamond, and also be the rank 'treepuncher'.
    Would it be possible for the plugin to:
    1: check the players rank
    2: take the items from the player
    3: run an op (rank) command.

    Default rank 'player' walks up to the tree puncher sign with 64 logs.
    Player clicks the sign.
    Plugin checks his rank (makes sure he's default).
    Plugin exchanges the logs for a rank (The group manager rank command, I've forgotten, it's late).

    Default rank 'player' walks up to the 'miner' rank sign.
    He clicks it.
    Plugin checks his rank.
    Plugin returns that the player is not a high enough rank.
    Refuses to rank up player.

    When do I need it: ASAP... Please.
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    Can anyone help me?

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