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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by AfterArts, Jan 5, 2017.

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    Hello. I thought of this idea for a plugin and I'd love to see it created. Details below.

    Plugin category: Chat Related

    Minecraft version: Minecraft 1.8.8+

    Suggested name: TagAlerts

    What I want: A custom plugin that alerts players in-game with a message saying something related to "Hey! <sender> has just tagged you." When the chat message: @<target> is typed.
    Example: @Player1 you there?
    This will alert Player1 with a chat message similar to the example above.

    Ideas for commands: /ta set <prefix>
    "ta" would be short for TagAlerts, the argument "set" would come before the argument to set the prefix. (Which could also be defined in the config.yml)
    Example: /ta set !
    This would alert the target if the message: "!Player1 you there" was typed.

    config.yml example:
    prefix: '@'

    Ideas for permissions: tagalerts.set - Allows the sender to set the tag prefix. Default for OPs.

    When I'd like it by: No rush to get this done at all. However I would prefer it at your earliest convenience. Thanks so much for reading my request. :)
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    I'll get started. :) Should be done soon.
    Thought you wanted a sound but instead I reread and noticed the message part (Easier and much faster delivery for you!). This will be configurable in the config.
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    Thanks so much, really appreciate this!
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    This would have been up earlier until my internet cut out! Glad I could have gotten it up now though. :)
    You can download it here.
    Config defaults to @ with other messages that change (Hey! and a message telling you what it was changed to.)
    It logs into the console when it's changed, but not what to. (I can change this if you want.)
    I wouldn't remove the %sender% and %prefix% because that's what makes it work! :)
    tagalerts.set - Defaults to OP, per your request the command is /ta.

    If you have any issues/need anything added, please Tahg me! :)
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    Thanks so much for making this, however when I tested the plugin it only sends you a message if you tag yourself. :p
    If it's not too much trouble do you mind fixing this error and disabling self-tagging?

    EDIT: It does work for tagging other players, my bad xD
    I was typing my username with lowercase which didn't seem to work. Sorry for the confusion. :)
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    Could you also make it so you can set the prefix argument to 'none'?
    So if someone types a message like this (Without needing to put an argument before the name) You'll still be notified: "Hey Skrubzy you there?"

    Maybe even a configurable noise when you're notified, like Sound.ORB_PICKUP by default
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    Deleted all the edits. Download here.
    Sound toggle in config
    Sound change in config

    Will disable self-tagging if necessary. I use alts to test plugins like this so I never run into issues similar to it.
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    I Al Istannen

    @Wispyy @Skrubzy @AfterArts
    If you want it to only highlight the name for the Player who was tagged, you will need to use Packets.
    Rayzr and I made ChatMention a while ago, which can do this.
    It will tear Json messages apart, if you are tagged in them (remove click, hover and the other events).

    I guess we were too lazy to fix that, but it is possible.

    The config is based on highlighters. They fire if the before and after conditions are met, so you can make tags like "-Bob-" work, if you'd like. They then append stuff to the front and end, based on what you want.
    Due to the way it is designed you can have multiple highlighters, like "!Bob" or "@bob", all doing different things.
    If you leave the appended suffix empty, it will continue with the colors that came before, to not disrupt the look of the message.

    Rayzr wrote about a bit about it here.

    It currently does not support sound, but if I could add another "type", which would be capable of playing a sound.

    The approach is quite different and not as stable as @Wispyy's, with the only real benefit to it that it only displays stuff to the tagged player. All other players will see a normal message, the tagged player a coloured or whatever.

    If you want any of the features above, Wispyy might give it a shot and get inspired by our source, if he wants to :)
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