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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Cubefun, Apr 5, 2022.

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    Minecraft version : 1.8.8
    Suggested name : LobbyTags
    What I want:

    plugins that gives tags before the name above their head in specific worlds
    so only some ranks has pined tag for example

    &aVIP &rPlayer
    if they change the tag to symbol it removes the VIP tag to the symbol they choosed
    &d✿ &rPlayer

    here is how i want it in the config
    {enabled world}

    {pined tags}

    &cOWNER &r
    permission: LobbyTags.P.Owner
    &5VIP &r
    permission: LobbyTags.P.VIP
    menu_title: '&b&lSERVER - &fSymbols'
    Name- &fSymbol : &d✿
    Lore- if yes '&7Permission: &a&lYes!' if no '&7Permission: &c&lNo!'
    Prefix: [&d✿]&r
    Permission: LobbyTags.S.Flower
    1- msg in chat if they dont have permission

    2- this is name + lore of the item in color select
    &a▶ Click to select!

    3- if they click on the item and they dont have permission close the menu


    first gui
    it has the symbols and the item (name_tag)
    and barrier to remove the symbols and if they have pined tag it show the pined one
    and if they have permission to change the color it shows the second gui
    please check the pictures to see the gui
    LobbyTags.Gui.Color - To be able to change the symbols color (second gui)
    the other permissions in the config per symbols or pined tags

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    Try using command panels. Its config is very powerful
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    i dont have the experience to do it
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    Can't this be done with deluxetags and chestcommands(or any similar GUI plugin)?

    Deluxetags has the first menu built in too.
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    You do realize that even if someone writes the plugin exactly as you want it on the server, then you can't alter it when you want to change it because you don't want to work on plugin configuration? If you're going to run a server you should be ready to configure hundreds of files and learn the plugins. There's tons of plugins out there that can do this for you.
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    its not exactly like what i want. i just want 1 sample of u how add the tag in the config and i will do the rest!!!
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