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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Gftdcrafter56, Jan 20, 2014.

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    I want to see an image, this doesn't say anything. This isn't the prove I wanted
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    OK don't worry I'll get an image when I have time
  3. timtower

    If what he is looking for is having a prefix in the tablist of whatever group a person is in, that is possible.

    Is this what you want? The [Admin] (or whatever prefix) in the tablist? This does work with other groups, but I didn't set them up for members and such. Just admins, owners, and mods.[​IMG]
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    TehMinecraftPoke Finally somebody that shows that it is really possible.
    Mind telling what plugin you used and your config? Then Gftdcrafter56 will also be able to use it
  5. The plugin I use is called ColoredTags.

    My config (also added an example).

    The node can be changed to whatever you'd like, but I would recommend just keeping it 'coloredtags.whatever' to keep it simple.
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    Thankyou everyone the only problem is all the plugins which can add prefixes in the tab list are difficult to use and is a side affect I want a plugin which can do that but only that not as a side affect and easy to use
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    Won't get any easier than this to be honest
  8. Gftdcrafter56

    What do you mean by 'side affect'?

    And this is pretty easy to use. Copy and paste the prefix from the group in your GroupManager in the example I gave you, give the node a name, and then just copy the node into your GroupManager. Restart the server after saving both files, and then you got yourself some nice prefix-filled tab.
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    By side affect I mean it's just a little add on feature NOT the main feature and I want a plugin where that is the main feature and there is just a simple command to change a players prefix in the tab list and just 1 perm to run that one command and ofcouse you can change the course of the prefix and name
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    Gftdcrafter56 Don't get the issue.
    Main plugin or additional feature: tab list itself isn't a main feature either, but still: you are using it.
    And give the groups that nodes and you are done.
    Doubt it that anybody is going to re-invent the wheel
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    I don't get it do you add the prefix into Tue permission do YouTube the : in the perm what!

  12. ...This isn't rocket science...
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    Can you just please tell me how to do it
  14. Give me the prefixes (including colors), and I'll give you the config and the permission nodes for them.

    Honestly, if you can't learn how to set up something as simple as this then you shouldn't be running an MC server.
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    the prefixes are ... [MOD] in the colour light blue and [OWNER] in the colour purple and [CO-OWNER] in the colour purple and [ADMIN] in the colour yellow and [VIP] in the colour yellow
  16. Config

    Permission nodes for each group:
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    thnx dude
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    No NametagEdit works for this. It's in the groups.txt that you set permissions that you can apply to groups with groupmanager that get that colored/formatted name.

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