Synchronization with the real world time.

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    Dear developers,

    I came after a long long search as a last resort to you.
    Take a friendly look on this plugin:

    You might now get the basic idea, I want my real world time synchronized with the time of my world. However i found several plugins doing this, but all of them are unfortunately not updated and abandoned.
    There is one little extra favour I have to ask you thou.
    Since i rent a server in the united states and I live in the Netherlands I humbly ask you for the ability to manually enter the time. So I have the ability to sync my world with the Dutch time and the United states time. =)

    That's all =) and I hope one of you guys will pick this up for me, I will be eternally grateful towards you.
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    But what is your problem? "Realtime" is working well, and two times will not work...
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    Realtime the plugin is out of date.
    It no longer works under the current version of bukkit.
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    I runned it with the latest dev build, and it worked...
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    Well, for one that's impossible unless the old configuraion method was re-added, the plugin does not work and it outdated.
    To straighten it out for derps ^^.. You want to set the time to your computer time instead of American time?
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    Hi Eternia, i will delve into the the code and see what i can do. Anyway i'll write to the original developer as i don't feel there is the need for a new plugin, but just an update of "realtime" to the newest API should be enough. I'll keep you posted.
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    Well, to synchronize real time with game time, you'd probably have to alter the rotation of the Earth. I think that's slightly beyond the scope of most bukkit plugins.

    j/k Realtime is what you want
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    Thanks dikkjo you're awesome man.

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