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    I would like someone to make a public survivalgames plugin for the public

    1. i would like it to have customisable loot in the chests [chest]

    2. i would like it to have mutations(zombie mutations)[zombie]

    3. i would like it to have EASY setup[cake]
    4. Customisable join signs​
    5. sponsoring (like the nexusmc :D )​
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    bacon564 There are loads of survival games out there already, if those don't suit you please use the format below and explain more about how you play etc
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    I made this based on other request, try it (;
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    but none of them have MUTATIONS!!!
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    Muttations would be a GREAT update, but for now why don't you just use redstone and dispensers and spawn wolfs, skeletons, etc? Like skellies = lizard mutts, wolfs = wolf mutts, etc.
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    Thats not what mutations are. Mutations are when you die and you can choose to use a mutation pass to spawn back as a zombie pigman and if you kill your target you get to be alive again. Also the plugin developer for this has asked that no one uses his exact idea so if you were to do it make the players zombies or something.
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    that's what i said

    can someone please just make this for me, and remember ZOMBIE MUTATIONS!!![zombie]

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