SurvivalGames Plugin Similar To The Hive

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Sazard, May 28, 2013.

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    Hey guys, could any of you make a survival games plugin similar to the hive plugin.
    Things I want it to have.
    Lobby Signs (Please Make It So It Teleports To A Different WORLD not a different server)
    Deathmatch (Forced after 25 minutes or a setable time in the config and will auto-start when 3 players are left)
    Vote System (Vote list for maps)
    Basically everything else the hive plugin has for survival games.
    [Dont Have To Do] Have the crates like in the hive that drop down.
    Custom Text so it isnt "[SurvivalGames]" but like "[The Creeper Games]"
    [Everything else the hive and mcsg plugin have]
    Thanks guys for viewing this plugin request, and I hope someone can make it for me and the community! - Thanks, Sazard
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    Not trying to sound rude, but no one is going to remake a plugin this big.
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    Yeah, might as well take a shot at coding it myself than, I just don't know how to do the messages when player has a death. I will just look at some coding tutorials if anybody cant make it, I cant code plugins very well but I can code clients. - Sazard
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    Good luck man :)
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    Don't even.. Not being rude but you're ripping off popular servers. Absolutely disgusting. They have been creative with their work and you are trying to rip them off. Go think of something original.
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    I know but I dont want the players and my personal friends who I record with to get annoyed not being able to get in the games because they fill so quickly. I will give them credit for the plugin idea too but I just want to have a nice server that my friends can play on. And Im adding my own Ideas to it as in of sign walls that teleport you to a different multiverse world so you can play the game not a different server.

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    If you can count the number of ripped of server then you are an hero, most plugins are ripoffs, but the developers add their own mechanics and code, not copying the entire code. Ripping of isn't illegal or even bad.
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    Indeed they are. Right now I'm doing plugin requests but I have a original minigame in mind that will be private probably or maybe public.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Why did you made that first post then? If Sazard wants an plugin based on an other server, why would you stop him?
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    So its disgusting that some of the best and most fun features some one can add to their servers is a ripoff of the original? Every great idea for a plugin derives from other plugins and from servers with their own custom plugins. Why not make something that people like to play available to the public so more people can play and enjoy it? They may have made it first but they have no exclusive rights to it so I see no problem in some one else wanting to have it on their server. Thats like saying its disgusting for some one to use survival games on their server because its a ripoff of the first ever survival games server.
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    I expressed an opinion. This ends here, also he's asking for everything hive has. He should ask for unique features in survival games. I'm not against development of an idea but of copying the exact plugin. The way you make it sound like is you can't have a creative server because someone else has it. It's nothing of the sort, just you should base ideas. It's like copying someone else's content from the site when it's copyrighted and using it for yourself which is illegal. However if you put two sources together and give credit it becomes research.

    If you wish to continue this do so in a private message, its blocking up the thread.
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    I think this is a great idea. As long as its a little different it can't hurt anyone
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    Just me.
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    how do you install?#
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    obscurehero Andy24090
    I hope you know those plugins aren't actually TheHive's. Those aren't the exact ones they use, theirs are private.
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    Famous Guy

    A group of Bukkit Devs are making one similar to "The Hive"
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  22. I agree with you man I also need to say that Survival Games X is really bad. You can't break blocks at all in the whole servers. Some servers like mine are single servers like they Don't use BungeeCord or whatever to get multiple servers connected. Survival Games X as what you sent us CrazymanJR is a bad plugin. There's my speech on SGX XD

    The second plugin you sent in that post sounds like a good one and I am gonna test for my server while we are in maintenance mode for A new Survival Games Plugin
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    i think it is great the he wants the hives sg
    because it shows:
    1. He knows what the hive is
    2. He thinks the hive has a great sg plugin
    Think the hive owners should thank people like him for loving there server
    This is my opinion
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    what plugin its the real mcsg plugin?....
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  27. The Voting thing cant be done without other servers unless you have a sh*t tonne of worlds

    MCSG plugin is private

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    Or multiple arena's that you can switch between.
  29. Oh yeah, might be a big world though

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