Filled Survival World Creator (Difficult to make)

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Jonspeeth, Feb 6, 2021.

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    Description of plugin:
    It would be sort of a combination of multiverse core and askyblock. Using a command would create a new world, you would have the option of choosing what the world would be named. Upon the world creation ideally you would be greeted with a GUI that would have several options such as Delete world, teleport to world, invited players (more on that later). You would also be able to invite other players online in the server to your world to play on, but only players with the permissions could be able to teleport to other people's worlds.

    Additional part (not necessary, but would be cool):
    a command that would copy the world files, and upload them to a google drive that way players can download their world (I can imagine this would be very very difficult to program so it isn't necessary)

    To Sum up this plugin:
    A multiversal team based survival world generating plugin, that would create multiple multiverse worlds and only allow your team members to join your world.

    Versions supported:
    Ideally 1.8-1.12 Because those versions are the ones I use the most

    /SurvivalWorld help
    /SurvivalWorld Create <name>
    /SurvivalWorld Invite <player>
    /SurvivalWorld Delete
    /SurvivalWorld Copy
    /SurvivalWorld Kick <player>

    Admin Commands:
    /SurvivalWorld admin TP <player>
    /SurvivalWorld admin Delete <player>
    /SurvivalWorld admin Copy <player>
    /SurvivalWorld admin Kick <player>
    /SurvivalWorld Reload

    Survivalworld.create (would include deleting, creating, help)

    What the GUI would ideally look like:
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    I am working on it!
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    Edit: What version and what other plugins (if any) are required for it to run?
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    Aight, I think im done. If you find any functional or grammar errors in my plugin, you can ask me to correct it.


    /world | opens small world-gui
    /world create | creates a world
    /world kick <PLAYER> | kicks a player from your world
    /world delete| deletes your world once you confirmed it
    /world invite <PLAYER> | invites a player to your world
    /world tp | teleports you to your map
    /world set spawnpoint | sets the spawnpoint of your world
    /world set fallback | sets the default world (important)
    /world admin default | teleports you to the default world
    /world admin tp <PLAYER or WORLD NAME> | teleports you to a players world
    /world admin delete <PLAYER> | deletes a players world

    Sorry, I forget to add a team function. I will add it now

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    Bro awesome! I'll test this out ASAP! Thanks!

    It seems I get an error upon world creation, it says "an internal error has occured when attempting to run this command", are there other plugins that this depends on? (I have multiverse installed but that is it)

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    Yeah im stupid. Fixed it now. I also added the teams feature that you wanted:

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