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    Plugin category: RPG

    Suggested name: SupernaturalBeings or something like that

    What I want: sorry in advanced if it seems abit all over the place, I'm finding it abit hard to confirm the exact features I want as I'm not sure if they are all possible.
    so I am wanting a new supernatural plugin that will basically overtake the mmsupernaturals plugin. My idea for this plugin is around the same concept eg. Different classes, gain/lose power, special abilities etc. There will be 6 different classes. Each class will also have a different spawn point. You can become each class only by the commands. And you leave a class and return to humanity by right clicking on sponge but it will consume 64 iron in the process. And each class will have a prefix before there name in the chat saying what class they are.


    Gains power: by slaughtering mobs and eating raw pork and steak +30 power each activity.
    Loses power: when activating special ability mode, loses 20 power every 30sec with a maximum power of 200
    Special abilities: will be right clicking with a bone activate Wolverine mode. When are they in wolverine mode they walk/run 25% faster, does extra melee damage, gains extra loot from pigs and cows (if possible) and has 25% more armor, fit into 1x1 wholes? ( pretty sure it isn't possible but worth a try)
    Passive abilities: can jump up to a maximum of 3 blocks ( possible?)
    Weaknesses: cannot wear armor while in special ability mode, cannot use weapons when in special ability mode,

    Gains power: from killing players, standing in a light level below 7
    Loses power: consumes 30power every 20seconds they are in vampire mode with a max power of 200.
    Special abilities: right clicking with redstone will activate Vampire mode, in vampire mode players will be able to fly up to a limit of 125 blocks,
    Passive abilities: never takes fall damage
    Weaknesses: will take 25% more damage with wooden tools, burns in sunlight unless wearing a golden helmet, takes 25% more damage to fire and lava.

    Exactly the same as a normal player, but still can you create a class for it as i need it to set a spawn point for people who decide to be humans.

    Gains power: standing in lava, fire or in the nether or a hell biome ( not sure if its possible to have them regenerate in a vanilla biome, but I'm adding the biome in through a world generation plugin)
    Loses power: consumes 20power for every 30seconds in demon mode max power of 200
    Special abilities: right clicking with magma cream will activate demon mode, in demon mode they can shoot fireballs ( fire charges) by left clicking with magma cream ( preferebly also does no block damage and can't start fires but still does mob and player damage)
    Passive abilities: immune to fire and lava
    Weaknesses: gives slowness potion effect when in water.

    Gains power: killing mobs
    Loses power: loses 20power for 30seconds with a max power of 200
    Special abilities: right clicking with a feather activates ghost mode, when in ghost mode the player becomes invisible and can hover but not fly.
    Passive abilities: Monster Truce
    Weaknesses: takes damage when in water


    Gains power: standing on End Stone
    Loses power: Loses 20power for every 1min in Slender Mode
    Special abilities: Left clicking with an ender pearl will activate Slender mode, in slender mode they have mob truce and can teleport by right clicking with nothing in their hand and they will teleport to the block they were looking at,
    Passive abilities: no fall damage,
    Weaknesses: not entirely sure, this will be the donator only class for my server so preferebly no weaknesses.

    I just had an idea that when you activate a classes mode it makes them appear to other players that they are that mob and when they activate it a little firework goes off to look like smoke.
    Wolverine- Wolf
    Vampire- Bat
    Devil- zombie pigman?
    Ghost- doesnt matter because they turn invisible
    Slender- Enderman

    Ideas for commands:
    /Convert [Player name] [Class Name] - will convert them to that class
    /cure [Player name]. - Will return the person to a human

    Ideas for permissions: I'm terrible with permissions, sorry!

    When I'd like it by: From my understanding this plugin is quite extensive and may take awhile, but preferebly within 2-3weeks as by then the map and building will be done for the server I am creating that will be running this plugin

    If you want to take this plugin but require more detail Simply PM me!
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    Urgently need this plugin made!
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    You set the thread to FILLED. That means that you actually have this plugin now. Remove it, so people will be more likely to look at the thread. :)
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    Oh ok thanks dude!
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    Great! Can you add me on Skype so we can talk?
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