SuperJump mini-game [Formatted]

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  1. Background
    So after watching this weeks episode of the Minecraft Monday Show I felt like checking out the Spleef World Cup, but I also discovered they have a second game. SuperJump. The idea of which is competitive parkour. Two people spawn on a map, first to the finish wins. The game ends when someone hits the win platform. If a player falls off their platforms and into the water below they should be teleported back to the last platform they were on, or back to a checkpoint.

    Commands & Permissions

    Admin Commands
    /sj setspawn <1/2> - This command will set the two starting areas for the two contestants.
    /sj setwin - This can let you set the block players have to stand on to win.

    User Commands
    /sj join - Allows a user to join the SuperJump game.
    /sj leave - Allows a user to leave a game
    /sj surrender - Allows the user to surrender and leave the game.

    Extra Notes

    All of this was written for one arena. If you could make it so multiple arenas could be used it would be very helpful.
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    This is quite a creative idea for a plugin at the moment I'm busy so i can't make it but you should add permission nodes superjump.setwin superjump.setspawns and for multiple arenas /sj setspawn <Red/Blue>(Team colors what ever you want this is just an example) <ArenaNumber> then /sj join <ArenaNumber> so fore example i have the 2 permission nodes i will do /sj setspawn red 1 /sj setwin 1 /sj join 1. This is all ideas to make it easier to understand

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