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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by WizardCM, Oct 26, 2012.

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    I'm a big fan of BukkitDev, and agree it's a great replacement to the forums. However, I feel it's missing a few crucial features.

    Subscription Manager
    So, you can already subscribe to File Updates, Comment Updates, and Ticket Updates, however;
    • there is no way to get a list of what you are subscribed to, and bulk manage them (add, remove, change more than one at a time)
    • cannot enable email notifications for getting mentioned/replied to in comments, without subscribing to all comment updates for that plugin
    • filtering by type of subscription (eg. all recent plugin updates)
    • maybe a way to compare plugin page updates with a server's list of plugins (via Query), showing a list of plugins that a server admin should update
    The responses in a forum thread are easy to keep track of, and are nicely spaced out. In BukkitDev however;
    • comments are limited in space, so images have to be resized or simply linked to or extremely compressed
    • a 'conversation view' would be nice, to show all responses to a specific comment
    • when scrolling back through old comments, it isn't easy to see which version they were written during (for example, a label of "During PluginName 1.3" on each comment, in light gray, would help)
    Plugin Popularity
    It's not easy to find plugins that many players use. The easiest method of sorting at the moment is by last updated date.
    • Include a ranking based on
      • amount of downloads (for the most recent version, maybe in comparison to previous)
      • likes (add a 'like' system to versions/the plugin itself, similar to comments)
      • (possible positive/negative) comments (or just amount)
      • usage statistics (from sites such as MCStats)
      • subscriptions (how many are subscribed to file updates)
      • ticket submissions and developer/ticket manager response times
      • frequency of updates (not annoyingly frequent, but stays up to date)
    • For plugin owners, graphs to show what is affecting their score or popularity and how
    • Allow more filtering options, like amount of recent downloads, etc
    User Profiles
    • "Plugins I Use" or "Plugins I Recommend" for users that don't actually upload plugins
    • A personal description, separate from a signature
    • Comments
    I guess that's about it. Thanks for reading my suggestions. :)
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    They are good suggestions. Whether Curse will ever finish their template system and implement them is another matter.
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    Always with the suggestions, Matt. At least these ones are good. +1
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