[Suggestion] Version Filter for dev.bukkit.org (Includes Script)

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Xaymar, Jun 16, 2012.

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    This would be quite useful for Server Owners, as it allows you to filter out plugins that haven't been updated lately.
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    Nice. I think this is a good idea I'll add to ye' mighty list.
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    Greasemonkey Script - dev.bukkit.org Version filtering
    - Grabs the latest plugin file from the /files/ list and links it with it's game version.
    - Allows you to filter the search, server mods and client mods by version.
    - On-the-fly updates as you type the filter.
    - Filter is saved when changing pages.

    Enjoy: Download

    h31ix: In case you want to have this right now, simply reference the file from the sourcecode, it will work there too.

    Sudden Idea. Now you can actually clean up the place from projects that are still in planning for over a few months!

    Edit 21/06/2012:
    Features that are going to be in the next version: Ability to filter all recent versions of a plugin. No longer are you limited to the last version uploaded!
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    nice :)
    Maybe you could also try to add something like "1.2.5 and above"?
    And would filtering to "1.2.5" show all 1.2.5 builds?
    That would be nice :)
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    RegExp for 1.2.5 and above: [1-9]+.[2-9]+.[5-9]+
    It won't be able to detect if a plugin supports multiple versions though, parsing pages using regex is sadly the only option right now without an API.
    Edit: Fixed RegExp. Accidentally put * instead of +
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    Bukget has an API.
    But I think things would get too slow if you need to load that page?
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    Javascript filters XSXHR, so unless they implement a callback parameter so I could use their api, sadly not going to happen.
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    If this is introduced could there also be a way added where you can sort by last updated? That way if you search for example under 1.3.1 you can press sort by last updated to see if your favourite plugins have been updated yet instead of having to go to the individual plugins to check.

    Alphabetical sorting would be useful as well but not as necessary.

    The categories could do with some revising as well. They aren't very clear like 'Mechanic-altering', 'General', 'Fun' these are very vague and could pretty much describe most plugins. Perhaps some subcategories?

    At the moment with the lack of version compatibility search and recently updated sorting it's easy to miss good plugins because they are buried under the more popularly recommended plugins and outdated plugins. It's painstaking to find if your plugins have been updated and to find new ones that could enhance your server that you miss now entirely because of the poor search options. You kind of have to 'guess' terms.
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    I completely agree with this, it would be great if it could be implemented.
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    It's been about 4 months now, is this going to be implemented sometime soon? Or are there no programmers available to insert a few lines of code (this could be done entirely using SQL commands)?
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    It's not as easy as you think, and it's certainly not top-priority over bug fixes and stuff like that. Rest assured that we want to see this as well, and when the time arises that we can cram Curse with stuff like this, it shall be done.
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    I understand that it's not top priority, and that bug fixes have higher priority. But I do think it is as easy as I make it sound, unless Curse uses some extremely complex database system:
    At least it's still on the list of things to do in the future. (Above SQL code is not guaranteed to be working, didn't have my SQL Server at hand to test)
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    They do have a really large, complex database system. They host many more sites than just dev.bukkit.org. Yes, it is on the list.
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    I edited this post of my own free will to say

    I am nothing, I am a dumb moron

    Bukkit Dev staff is my lord and shepherds

    And i beg their forgiveness's :(
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    You don't think fixing bugs, creating new tools we can use to make sure files aren't malicious to keep YOU SAFE and keep approval times low, and working on security and such is a priority above allowing people to search a version number? You've got your priorities a bit messed up.
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    I was not in a good day when i posted that. I've edited a correction.
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    So, this is now one Year old. Is this going to be considered in the next year, or is it going to end up like all other request I did? (If you don't get it: Bukkit-1496, BUKKIT-2471 and Pull Request)

    In the meantime, I updated the Greasemonkey Script to work better.
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    The are flooded with stuff to do. They aren't just sitting around eating popcorn watching Mean Girls. I think it is a good idea and they do as well. I think they will implement is as soon as possible, but I know personally, that things take longer when you are excited for them to happen :3
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