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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Alshain01, Dec 4, 2013.

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    In order to aid in a uniform workflow, the Fixed ticket state should be considered open. Currently it is considered closed.

    In any software company there is generally a process for handling issues/tickets.

    1. A customer submits the ticket. (New)
    2. A developer considers the ticket and declines and closes it or accepts that it needs to be done. (Accepted)
    3. The developer codes it, but it has not yet been tested (Fixed)
    4. The tester (who might also be the developer) tests the work done and either sends it back to be developed or marks it as finished (Verified)

    The problem with BukkitDev as it is now is once it's coded the developer would typically mark it as "Fixed" and that closes the issue and hides it from view. I submit that this is not conducive to a proper workflow and makes testing difficult because the issues that need testing are not visible.

    Simply altering "Fixed" to an open state would allow the developer to properly proceed through the workflow. However, this could lead to a problem as all the issue currently marked fixed that were intended to be closed would suddenly be open, and on some older projects that would be a huge hassle for the developer to go in and change. To work around this, if possible a query should be run on that database before the change goes live to mark all "Fixed" issues as "Verified" instead.
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    While this is a good suggestion, BukkitDev allows for you to choose a ticketing system that meets the workflow you would like to use.

    As modifying an existing ticketing system to meet your requirements would take a significant amount of time and alter other's use of the same shared system, I would suggest seeking out a ticketing system that meets your requirements.
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    The problem with 3rd party ticketing systems is most people have a BukkitDev account, but when they have to create a, for example, GitHub account too, they just give up unless they are a developer and already have one. So then they just post what should be tickets in the comments and because BukkitDev doesn't have a "create as github ticket" button on the comments section, I have to copy the content and move it over manually. It's an ordeal that results in peoples reports going missing.

    Plus it wouldn't be modifying it to meet MY requirements, it would be modifying it to be useful. Right now the ticket states are nearly meaningless.
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    I currently use "Started" for fixed issues, and change it to "Fixed" to close the ticket when the fix is released to the public. It's not perfect but it works ;)
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