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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by baseman101, Dec 10, 2013.

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    A really nice feature that would benefit to the Bukkit Development community is a way to send a player to another server. Proxies like BungeeCord handle the task well, so I don't see why CraftBukkit can't. Here's an example usage of using ServerWarp:

    Player.serverwarp("", 25566);

    Player.serverwarp(String ip, int port);

    Again, many plugin developers and server owners will benefit from this, including servers with a huge amount of players, for instance, the shotbow network. With the upcoming release of the stable build 1.7.2, it would be an excellent opportunity to add something like this.

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    baseman101 As amazing as this would be, I think we're dreaming here. :p
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    Of course, with all the insecurities aside...
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    Yes, it would be very neat, but wouldn't there be many security issues?
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    What sort of security issues?
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    baseman101 Meh, nevermind really, just thinking that connecting to other servers that wouldn't want to be connected to, also using the port but I don't see that as an issue
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    I could only think of sending players to a server that the developer has, therefore having more players on his server (muhahaha).
    But then again, this could be easily recognized and removed, so I don't see any issues either. (but I'm just narrow-minded, so please correct me if I'm wrong)
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    Im pretty sure this is not possible. That's exactly why servers use proxy-servers (Bungee/Lilypad) in the first place.
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    Bukkit is to give you want you NEED.

    Not everyone needs a server conntecter, there'd be A LOT of code just for that and a hell lot of a waste if someone doesn't use it.
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    This. It's not even possible, unless you host all Minecraft servers in the world at the same place. And it'd need all the complicated proxying BungeeCord and Lilypad do.
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    Considering this is already done via BungeeCord etc- I don't see the need for Bukkit to implement this. It's already well distributed and widely used/accepted. Who's standing around refusing to use such proxies because it's not from Bukkit? I guess it may just be me, but I believe it'd be unnecessary considering how it's already well made and already so universally used within the Minecraft community.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that right now there's no problems so I don't see the need for the Bukkit team to shift development over to an already made (optional) feature. It's not necessarily detrimental to running a server (which Bukkit focuses on- extending the functionality of a Minecraft server).
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