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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by supergamer57, Jul 31, 2012.

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    I was searching on BukkitDev some plugins for my "outdated" CraftBukkit (#1060, 1.7.3)
    However, there's no easy way to distinguish plugins that are created for the older or newer Bukkit APIs (most common error being the getConfig() for new ones)

    So here's the suggestion:
    Add a "compatibility" feature to the BukkitDev search engine.
    For example: You can pick from a list which CraftBukkit version you are using and search for plugins that have been made for that version of CraftBukkit. This would not just search which plugins are currently made for that version, but it will also look at older versions of the plugin to see if it matches the CraftBukkit build you have selected.

    I think it would be a brilliant feature for those trying to run an older CraftBukkit.
    (Also along with this, bring back the RBs for the very old bukkits on dl.bukkit.org)

    Thank you,
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    I agree I think there should be an option to search for compatibility version and when it was last updated. At the moment it's hard to sift through the many outdated plugins on both bukkit and bukkitdev to find plugins that are compatible and also hard to see when plugins have been recently updated.

    I would be forever grateful if these two search options could be added so you can easily see what plugins are available for your version of minecraft and so you don't have to search specific terms or hear about specific plugins from others. A lot of good plugins get overlooked because they are buried by the more popularly searched, recommended and outdated plugins.
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