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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by TahPolarBear, Jan 9, 2017.

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    Hello there! This may be a large request, I'm not sure:
    I need a plugin that you can do /suffix. But there also needs to be permissions. I want a permission for /suffix, ability to have color in your suffix, ability to make the suffix bold, and ability to make the suffix have &k in it. There is a plugin like this called SimpleSuffix, but that is not for 1.8.8 so, if you could make it 1.8.8 please. If you can I would like the permissions to look like this since I already have setup the perms:
    - simplesuffix.set.suffix.self ---- do /suffix
    - simplesuffix.format.colors ---- have colors in /suffix (Does not have to include /suffix, I can just have both perms)
    - simplesuffix.format.bold ---- have bold (&l) in /suffix
    - simplesuffix.format.random ---- have random letter in it (&k)

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    Have you tried SimpleSuffix, even though it's not updated to 1.8.8? I might still work
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  4. If your useimg it for a tag to buy in the shop try Delluxe it's a good plugin and has a GUI setup
    Or just for staff use group manager /manuaddv {name} {suffix/prefix} {arg}
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    Do you use PermissionsEX or GroupManager for permissions?
    I could make you an alias so when you type "/suffix <player> <suffix>" it'll replace the command with
    "/pex user <player> suffix <suffix>" or "/mangaddv <player> suffix <suffix>"

    The alias would be made in the commands.yml file, or you could use a plugin like MyCommand.
    I think that's the GroupManager command, I'm much more familiar with PEX

    EDIT: I just remembered I'm going to be out of the house for the next few days, I don't think I'll have time to do this; Someone else fill in for me please.
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  6. If no one is up for it in the next few days I'll do it, am a bit busy at the moment tho

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