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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Sebc722, Apr 28, 2013.

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    I wanted to suggest the ability to subscribe to a project's forum. I use the forums for my BukkitDev projects to provide support to users but it just occurred to me that nothing is notifying me that a new thread has been posted in the forum, thus I might miss something unless I check daily (which takes time, not much, but just enough to make this an issue for me).

    hopefully some sort of subscription option can be added to project forums, even if it is just available for those managing the project :)
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    I mentioned this a year or so ago somewhere, I'm sure. I've disabled my BukkitDev forums as they are useless to me without notification (too much work to check everyday, especially if there's often no post).

    I left comments on the main page enabled as at least I get notifications of them (albeit with notifications of my own posts :eek:) but I find this too is frustrating me now as I cannot search for previous comments and scanning through pages of the comments is quite arduous.

    I'd love to see the BukkitDev forums using XenForo :D "Tahg"ing people, instant alerts, email notifications & advanced search options would be awesome - the Bukkit forums also look cleaner and more user-friendly, compared to BukkitDev forums. There could be a "main thread" on these new BukkitDev forums that the main project page shows as a replacement for the "comments" to give the aforementioned benefits there too.
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    I couldn't agree more. I can't speak for XenForo specifically as I don't bother learning a forum's platform, but basic things like tagging, alerts (both instant and email) and searches are definitely lacking in BukkitDev's forum platform.
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    Sebc722 - XenForo is the forum platform that Bukkit forums runs on (and one of the best forum platforms IMHO).
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    They are referring to the project-specific forums.
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    I too want this feature (subscription notifications for forums). Without subscription notification, the forums will be unused (at least by me). I may have to just setup a separate website so I can have a forum that does subscription notifications. The downside of that is that it'd be a separate login from dev.bukkit, which reduces the number of people that would actually participate in discussion.

    I acknowledge that project comments have notification, but it is difficult-to-impossible to maintain the "thread of conversation" real discussion can occur in the comment system. My preference would be to turn off the comments entirely and use an issue system for problem reporting and a forum for discussion. Or perhaps, the each comment chain could be a special thread in the forums...:)
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  8. Yeah this feature would be pretty cool
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