Strange IP constantly 'losing connection.'

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Squirrelboy1225, Oct 30, 2012.

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    So, recently I set up my server with the 1.4.2 bukkit dev. My players and I have had no problems, except one minor annoyance.
    When I look at the console, I keep seeing the IP "" lose connection. About every 4 - 8 minutes, the console says "/ lost connection". But instead of ":12345", the port number is seemingly random, always different. This happens all the time, constantly, never stopping, every few minutes. Doesn't seem to do anything, just fills up the console, and I'm curious.
    Now, I realize this probably isn't a Bukkit problem, but if there's anywhere I thought I might find help it's here. Thanks.
    Also, I'll supply additional info if needed.

    Here's a screenshot a little after I restarted the server.
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    Have you posted your server on any server lists? Server lists periodically ping the server to check if it's online.
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    At my server that message was caused by (As far as I know)
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    Nope, I haven't posted my IP to any server site. I even searched it on google and minestatus, it's not there... Strange.
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    If you're that bothered by it, filter the IP in your firewall.
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    Yeah, it makes it nearly impossible to read the logs, considering it fills the console.
    If you don't mind me asking, how could I go about blocking a specific IP?
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    I believe in some cases this can be caused by a 1.3 client opening your server in their list.
    Other than that not sure.
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    Are you running this on Windows from a home connection? Then it's probably best to block all traffic from that IP in your router.

    The IP in your screenshots seems to belong to a (web) server, does not look like a client.
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    Yes, I'm running Windows 7 on a home network.
    As for my router, I've been looking around on the router settings (I have AT&T Uverse, router model 3801HGV), and there doesn't seem to be anything about blocking specific traffic. I know how to open up specific ports, but that's about it.
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    Hi there, lead dev of here. I came across this thread, and noticed the IP matched one of our servers used for pinging.

    I can remove your server from the list, just reply with your server IP. We're working on alternatives to this in the future.
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    I don't even run a bukkit server and I've been spam pinged by them for the past week. I run my server from my computer and I have a decent 10-12 people on at a time, but it's annoying to see that stupid IP everywhere.
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    Like md_5 said.

    If you're running 1.3 still then people with 1.4 clients that have your server in their saved list ping it every time they refresh their list. Happened to me until I updated to 1.4.
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    Oh, cool. Turns out that my IP is indeed on that site. I just messaged you with the IP, thanks.
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    Any chance i can get my whitelisted server removed from it too? I run 2 games on the server, 1 is public, 1 is whitelisted, different ports (naturally).
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