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  1. I'm creating a plugin called Stevebending, which will allow players to manipulate an element, similar to Avatar. There are a few plugins out there that already do this (namely ProjectKorra and Minecraft: The Last Airbender), but this plugin will have some key differences and a different goal.


    -Choose one element via /earth, /fire, /air, or /water
    -Bend one's own element entirely in-game, with no additional commands required
    -Use multiple moves activated in a wide variety of ways
    -More realistic bending, with realistic limitations

    -Secret/unlockable moves
    -Possible energy system which will deplete slowly with bending and physical activity

    Differences to existing plugins

    -No player is the avatar (has access to all the elements)
    -Moves (abilities) cannot be bound to preferred inventory slots
    -Players do not start knowing all moves
    -Bending requires more control and perfection, and is less automatic (players can't fall from 200 blocks and automatically take no damage)

    Development Assistance

    While this plugin is coming along, there are quite a few moves/abilities to still be made. I think it's reasonable to get some help with this given the size. If you'd like to help significantly with this project (and be credited as a developer), or even just create one move (and be credited as a contributor), let me know.
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