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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by durron597, Jan 16, 2011.

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    Just so people stop asking.

    I WILL migrate it. Just wait a couple more days!


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    I love you.
    Not like, butt love you..but somethin.
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    Shouldn't this be in the plugin development section? :p ...Not releases.
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    I jizzed in my socks when I saw the topic, but content didn't deliver.
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    Just use minestatus's plugin?
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    Realms? Psssht. Realms. I only have eyes for Craftizens! ;)

    EDIT: Heh, yeah, iSushi is right. But, for the record, I miss Craftizens too.
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    Heh. Don't make the developer sad D:
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    Been testing your plugin a while back when hmod was alive, however I am looking forward of getting it on Bukkit, because it had some really nice features, from what I liked the most, is that you were able to make subzones in a zone with different permissions for allowing/disallowing several tasks for groups of players or individuals.

    Keep up the good work, it is a great concept and for some people it may be a very useful tool of defining regions, that they don't want to be spoiled by Griefers, noob players or just curious people, that don't know what they are doing in a Minecraft server :)
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    Damn right!
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    No, because I searched this forum for it and if I had not found this I would have been sending him a message :p
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    A status update would be lovely ;)
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    moved to appropriate forum.
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    Would be nice to hear something more infos! [​IMG]
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    It's been a couple days!
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    It's soon been a week, any new status updates? :/
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    Chuck Lieb

    Please be patient folks! I know he's probably been working hard on it. I have also been trying to migrate Dead Man's Chest, and have been having many issues with incomplete/missing hooks in Bukkit.

    Many of the larger plugin suites, and administration tools have developers who are also working on Bukkit it's self. Hooks/functionality are very likely added/updated as THEY need them for their own plugins. Not that I'm blaming them in any way, it all needs to be done, so why NOT add features as you need them yourself?

    I, however, either need to wait for support from Bukkit, find a workaround or wade through obfuscated code to find the answer myself. I'm sure many other plugin authors are having some of the same issues.

    Unfortunately, for me at least, I won't be able to use Realms, due to our need to be able to claim borders in such a way that they are centered on a point, can be dynamic and can include multiple points.
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    I am offering $50 for the port to be done already...
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    Haha ^^

    Can't wait till we get realms and craftizens too :p
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    Is this still going to happen or have you put it on hold for bigger and better things ?
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    Idk it says he's been away since the 21st =/
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    Sooo, what are we going to do now?
    Making one perfekt Plugin together, or is somebody working on something?
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    hmm i wont add any mods to my server untill i can get something like Realms on there... our town system just wont work without it =/
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    What happened to durron? It has been 14 days since he said it would come "within a few days" and he hasn't been online for 10 days :S

    We really need Realms for our server to work, we got a 700MB world with many different zones. I'm not sure if we'll see anything more from durron (something happened to him?) Please, would be awesome if someone could port Realms to bukkit. (hMod version source)
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    I'm building a poloygon based zone management system. It's not realms by any means, but hopefully it will help those of you that are in need for features similar to it, until it comes out.
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    For me everything would be ok what can Protect my Server in a Usable way ^^
    Please just make sure to make Zones in Zones makeable, and PVP / Zombie Flags and all that essential stuff.
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    Really need this :)

    jblaske what's your ETA and will it feature all the irregular shapes, zones within zones, sanctuaries and permissions?

    Thank you!
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    more importantly, what will it be called so we know when its out? :)
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    @jblaske Nice! You are my god if you make converter for Realms database.
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    The main focus is Irregular shaped zones, zones within zones, and permissions for build, destroy and entry.

    On the list is no-mobs, pvp flags and health regen.

    When it's out, I'll be sure to post here what its name is.
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