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    Plugin category: Idk

    Suggested name: Stats

    What I want: I know there are other /stats plugin but I just want one ingame. I found some other ingame ones but they don't work. By ingame I mean not connected to MySQL (Too much work). So players type in /stats and they're given exactly these stats, their kills, deaths, streak, and kdr. Thats all. People can also stats other players. Remember I don't want this to connect to MySQL.

    Ideas for commands: /stats

    Ideas for permissions: stats.see, stats.see.other

    When I'd like it by: Today or tomorrow because of how easy it looks.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Things might be more complicated than you think.
    And why not MySQL? Too much work how?
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    I'll get right on it. Might take a little while since I may be having dinner soon but I've done something similar to this previously so shouldn't be too long.
  4. @Ceikou I'm not going to make this, but for Dark1ine or anyone else who wants to try to make it, do you want it as a Scoreboard or just in plain text that pops up in the chat log? Most stats plugins I've seen use the Scoreboard.
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    He's getting it as text in the chat if he wants it from me :p

    @Ceikou do you want the "kills" stat to be player kills or mob kills, and would you like a separate stat for mob kills if it is the former? In it's current iteration the plugin only has player kills registering for the "kills" and "streak" stats.

    Here is the plugin as is. The permissions are "stats.see.self" and "stats.see.other". Currently only player kills are counted towards kills and streaks. Deaths are from anything. The command used to view the stats is "/stats".
    Don't hesitate to contact me if anything isn't working as it should :)

    It's possible that player kills, streaks and kds may not be recording correctly, as I haven't been able to test those on my private server, however it's a fairly simple system and most potential bugs probably cropped up in recording deaths and were fixed.

    Enjoy :)

    EDIT: Removed MediaFire link and replaced with DropBox. Sorry eyamaz
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    @Dark1ine Mediafire/adfly and other advertising type links are not allowed. Use dropbox or something similar.
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    Umm just plain text. I dont like scoreboard

    I would like player kills. Also is this plugin for 1.8 because I need it for 1.7

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    @Dark1ine Could you add /topstats too. Ranked by most kills and it will show their kdr, and how many deaths.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Try and find out.
    Doubt that it won't work as everything should be done by using the API
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    I just checked and turns out I used the 1.7.9 build. Nothing I used was deprecated so it should be compatible with anything 1.7+ for now.

    You're not Ceikou!
    That... that's beyond my capabilities for now. The way the plugin works is by storing all the players' info in a config file. It pulls from that to give stats (so "players.{$playername}.{$stat}"). The only way I can think of doing this would be to pull all of the data and then sort it, which would be horribly inefficient and honestly I can't be bothered writing that :p
    If someone else thinks they can do this, tell me and I'll upload the source code to github for them.
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