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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by robbo5899, Jul 18, 2014.

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    What is Statik?
    Statik is a work in progress project to create a system similar to MCStats that collects data about servers for plugin developers. Whats wrong with MCStats you might ask? The end user experience isn't very good, a lot of the time when you want to look at your plugin's stats it isnt possible because the service is either down or is having database errors, We hope to fix this by creating a new, improved system that has a better API and offers a better experience to the end user, YOU.

    Following the Project
    I will try to keep this forum post updated as much as possible although it could become outdated very, very quickly, below is a list of the easiest ways to follow us:

    Twitter: @Statik_Metrics
    IRC: #Statik on
    Github Organisation: Statik-Metrics
    Website: (This is a temporary page)
    Development Site: (This is what the Statik will become)

    Official discussions will all take place here on Huboard, It uses Github Issues so you can view the discussions there aswell.
    The Team
    robbo5899 | Founder / Leader of Documentation (I know big role huh)​
    mbaxter | Lead of Statik-Plugin​
    jkcclemens | Lead of Statik-Report​
    greatman | Lead of Statik-Website​
    gdude2002 | Lead of Statik-API​
    The usernames displayed above are the names of the leads on the forums, their usernames may vary on IRC and Github.​
    There is other team members as well, you can see them all on Github and in IRC, these are just the leaders and those who should be contacted with any issues.​
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  2. I invented Statik!

    Well just the name.
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    I am in support of this project, sadly, a solution much be reached and this has potential.
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    Sexy. I want it in me.
    I mean in my plugin. :p
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    I don't quite get the different between this an Metrics. The plan is the same that Metrics has right now, except for some features. It would be way simpler to fix Metrics, like finding out why it is offline most of the time. Maybe get in touch with Hidendra. The source of Metrics is on GitHub, you might want to check it out and find out what is wrong this way (if it is a coding issue, not a server issue).
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    We feel it would be better to re-invent the wheel, the system Hidendra is unreliable and it would be easier for us to create a new system rather than to try and repair the old one, This new system will be created and maintained by a group of people passionate about Bukkit and its community rather than one person who has been MIA and un-contactable for who knows how long.
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    Any chance you can make your new metric system compatible with existing plugins that use mcstats?
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    Plugins that use MCStats would be able to run both systems if they wanted, It would be very simple for plugin developers to switch if they wanted to. More details on usage will be discussed when the system is created.
    • It seems that Hidendra no longer has time for this, certainly real life stuff. Let's let him live his life.
    • MCStats is quite broken. We're building something else from scratch, using newer and more efficient techs. We learned from MCStats problems.
    Plugin developers should have no problem moving to Statik Metrics, it will stay quite close to MCStats, from a plugin developer point of view.
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    Since Hidendra's code is all on GitHub, can you reuse any of it? Perhaps you could take over the MCStats domain and continue the project. Broken or not, MCStats has a lot of traction in the community and getting all the plugin developers to change will be rather difficult, even if the change is simple.
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    We don't want to try and take over MCStats, we want to create a new service which people can switch to should they wish to. I'm sure the code we publish will end up looking similar to Hidendra as both systems, bukkit side anyway will do the exact same thing. I'm sure if developers are not getting what they wanted from MCStats they will be more than happy to switch :)
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    Definitely interested in this. When do you expect to have a working prototype if development follows the same pace as it is now?
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    Due to the size and amount of work required we cannot provide and stick to an ETA, The system will be designed in stages Plugin, API, Website and Report site and we cannot say how long each stage will take. We hope that within 1 month we should have first version that would be releasable however this is subject to change.
  13. It's a good thing to entirely drop the MCStats data. There are a lot of dead plugins on this.

    Btw it's a developer tool, anyone will be able to switch to Statik, or to use both. We firsly made it for us, as MCStats is no longer reliable. There's a general consensus on this.

    I remember mbaxter's first reaction: "FINALLY"
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    Good enough for me. Just wanted to make sure that I won't get excited for something only to find out 3 months down the line that it won't be ready for another 6-12 months.

    I'll be looking into switching to Statik in ReportRTS when you have more information available.
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    I'm very intrigued.

    I totally agree ;D
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    Dat site doe. Me much likey.

    Regardless, once this comes out, I'm going to switch to it right away!
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