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    A Simple Plugin that allows staff to change their groups

    (using luckperms)
    - user is in group.staff and group.mod
    [ - group.mod has all the staff permissions necessary for moderating ]
    [ - group.staff has the permission needed to toggle on/off staffmode ]

    - user issues /staffmode off
    - user is removed from group.mod BUT stays in group.staff

    - user issues /staffmode on
    - user is re added to group.mod using his permission from group.staff, while staying in it ofcourse

    if someone would like to make it pls lmk
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    Hey what version of Minecraft do you want this plugin to be on, also do you think you can elaborate on how the plugin is meant to work, from what I understand it seems that you want a plugin that when a player types /staffmode on, it adds them to a mod group, and then when they type /staffmode off it sends them back to whatever group they were before?
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    According to Vault's README, LuckPerms is supported. Vault should handle any version-dependent code, so you can probably just go ahead by hooking into the Vault API. Furthermore, I don't believe the Bukkit API has changed enough to make the rest of the requested plugin version-dependent.
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    I'll take a look into that thanks for the heads up, still though I need answers about how the plugin should specifically function.
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    Just use a "command alias plugin" and bind the "luckperms change group commands" to /staffmode on|off
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    Originally, the moderator has both permissions group.mod and group.staff
    After he issues the command, group.mod is removed from him, so hes now a normal player
    if he uses /staffmode on again he is re-added to group.mod

    now on my server there is group.mod and group.helper, so if its impossible to differentiate them if both only have group.staff (after /staffmode off) then we can do a 3rd group named group.modtoggle and group.helpertoggle, which basically is like group.staff but differentiates between mod and helper

    the command is /lp user {playername} permission unset group.mod/group.helper
    so problem #1 is {playername} variable, problem #2 differntiating between mod and helper. it needs a plugin

    for simplicity purposes a 2-command solution can be made.
    /helpertoggle on|off -> requires group.helpertoggle permission -> adds/removes group.helper
    /modtoggle on|off -> requires group.modtoggle permission -> adds/removes group.mod

    Edit 17 march:
    ok so I basically did that last part and its somewhat working, altho too many commands and groups - /at /dt /mt /ht for admin dev mod helper and then 4 groups for toggling permissions respectively - still need a plugin
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    Hello there. I have made a plugin which is a more general purpose/customizable version of what you requested.
    There is a configuration included in which you can define custom commands, which will toggle the specified permissions for that command. Each command has customizable messages for toggling on and off, as well a customizable usage permission and also customizable arguments (in case you want to replace "on" and "off" with something else).

    The plugin uses Vault as a dependency for the permission changing and you will also need a permission-manager plugin such as LuckPerms or the changes in permissions will not actually take effect.
    The permission-manager plugin this plugin was tested with is LuckPerms, since you specifically mentioned that (and also because I am familiar with it).
    There is no dependency on any permission-manager plugin, only on Vault itself

    If you find any bugs, have a question or want to request a change or additional features, please reply to this post.

    Plugin jar file and source code are attached

    P.S.: The name of the plugin is PermissionGroupToggle because that was the original intention of your request and thats just the name I initially chose, but it will obviously work for toggling any permission and not just permission groups.

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    Thanks for taking the time to make this plugin!

    I might be wrong but I think this is for one permission group only?
    What I was originally asking for is if the command is run, the Plugin checks what permission the user has and toggle a group depending on it
    if the user has;
    - group.helpertoggle then toggle group.helper
    - group.modtoggle then toggle group.mod
    - group.devtoggle then toggle
    and so on

    Currently I have to do a command for each (I tried just repeating `staffmode` for each but did not work) so it's similar to the command alias solution I have worked out using `/lp user permission set`

    Regardless, thank you. if you're not going to edit it, that is totally fine.
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    I see, I may have missunderstood the request then. I can change the functionality to what you described. I will work on this later today

    EDIT: Made a second plugin that follows the requested functionality.
    Please let me know if this functionality is correct. If you find any bugs, have a question or want to request changes or additional features please let me know as well

    Plugin jar and source code attached

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    Thanks so much!

    It's working perfectly
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