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    Plugin category: Admin/Staff stuff

    Minecraft version: 1.7-1.8

    Suggested name: ZincStaff (HCF Server)

    What I want: Before you leave a comment saying well their are multiple plugins out their that do this hear me out, I want a plugin that when you do /mod it moves you into creative and puts items in your inventory Examples below also when making this plugin make sure to add a way so it saves the players inventory before entering modmode (just so they can get their stuff back when they Exit modmode, also if they leave the server it removes them from mod mode and sets their items how it was, also when a staff member joins the server they DONT join into staff mode, they stay in normal mode until they choose to do the command. Also in the config if it can be made I can choose what command to be used when they use an item in their inventory, for example so I can use my other plugins commands. Also if possible please make it as customizable as possible!
    use-another-plugin-commands: false
    #If above is true
    freeze-player: 'ss %player%'
    vanish-staff: 'v %staff%'
    Inventory-see: 'invsee %player%'
    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: zincstaff.use (Allows to do command and use items in staffmode/modmode)

    When I'd like it by: Maybe by the end of July?

    Items In modmode (open)

    Slot1: Clock (Teleports staff to random player EXCLUDES STAFF)
    Slot2: Chest (Opens players inventory to see)
    Slot3: Empty
    Slot4: Empty
    Slot5: Nether Star (Toggles On And OFF Vanish)
    Slot6: Empty
    Slot7: Empty
    Slot8: Empty
    Slot9: Iron Bar (Used to freeze the player)
  2. why 1.8? I may try this plugin but I would recommend other devs attempting this as I am new to Java Developing.
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    The 1.8 is because its for HCF and more plugins were made for 1.7-1.8 for HCF
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    How can I choose the player inventory for the staff to see? How can I choose the player to freeze?

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    What do u mean?
  6. He means how does he choose the player: right clicking it, opening a GUI with all players...
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    Working on it. Please answer francisco_gamer1's question
    And what do you mean by "use-another-plugin-command" in your example config?
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    The chest in the staff's inventory will be used on the player and will open up his inventory, with the staff Right clicking it
    but since your making it can you add an extra 2 rows of items in the inventory? For example
    Slots: 1-36 (Players Inventory)
    Slot 37-45: (Iron Bars to separate inv)
    Slot: 46:Player info (Health and Hunger and PING)
    Slot: 47-53: (Empty)
    Slot: 54 (Clear Inventory option)
    Also with the "use-another-plugin-command" I mean i already have a clearchat plugin so I just want this plugin to do the command instead of making your own clearchat:)

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    Well now I got more work to do :D

    This is what I have so far:
    (You may need to wait till a moderator activates the plugin)

    Tell me what I should change.

    In case of looking into players inventories you can use Essentials /invsee command.
    If you want to use it with this plugin update one of the commands to "invsee %player%"
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    Great :D but here's what I would like changed,
    [*] When player enter's modmode it puts them into creative and when he leaves modmode they go into survival
    [*] Also the clock it should teleport staff to other players not cordinates
    [*] Also make it so they cant break ANY blocks and or attack players
    [*] IDK if this is an exeption to picking up blocks, but middle clicking a block in gmc gives you it, so cancel that
    [*] Also they can grab stuff in gmc and put into inv cancel that
    [*] Also staff can pick items off the floor please cancel that
    [*] Also can you add a little more customization (prefix and messages)

    These are what i've found so far, sorry for the hastle
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