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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Syrianen, May 21, 2015.

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    Suggested name: Stafflist

    What I want:
    So I've been trying to make a GUI with ChestCommands and MyCommand, which doesn't work for me.
    I need a plugin that gets a GUI with player heads and online status, which both of the plugins above does not support, I've tried several times. I know that it says in ChestCommands tutorial that you can get player heads but still can't get it to work, and I've asked a friend to try, he got the same problem even when watching the tutorial over and over again.

    So I want it to add a player to the GUI and you choose which position and it would say if the player is online or not.
    If I typed: /addstaff Syrianen &cSyrianen &eServer Manager 1 1
    This would be the results:
    And if I typed: /addlore Syrianen &5&lBEAST
    This would be the results:

    'Server Manager' lore would be lore #1
    and 'BEAST' would be lore #2
    So when I type: /removelore Syrianen 2
    'BEAST' lore would get removed.

    Number of rows in GUI should be optional in configuration.
    Enabling if the GUI should show player online/offline status should be optional in configuration.
    Even messages like Online and Offline should be changeable.
    GUI Header/Name should be optional in configuration.
    If the GUI closes when player clicks on the player head should be optional in configuration.

    GUI shows the head of the player in the GUI!
    Players with stafflist.bypassvanish permission will be able to see players online status even if the player is vanished. (Essentials, idk if this works, not so important though if this doesn't work..)

    /staff, /staffs or /stafflist - Opens GUI
    /addstaff {player} { {lore} {x-position} {y-position} - Adds a player to the GUI and which poistion.
    /removestaff {player} - Removes a player from the GUI.
    /addlore {player} {lore} - Adds another lore to the player head
    /removelore {player} {lore} - Removes the player lore, example: /removelore Syrianen 1 (removes the first lore)

    stafflist.gui - Gets permission to use /staff, /stafflist or /staffs
    stafflist.modifygui - Gets permission to all commands.
    stafflist.bypassvanish - Can see player online/offline status even if the player if vanished.


    When I'd like it by:
    This plugin might take too long to make, idk. So i take your time.

    I know that this is a big plugin, well kind of, I don't know cause I'm not a developer. Depends of what experience you have. Ask any questions you need, and I'll answer within 12 hours!
    Thanks in advance!
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    I'm working on it now :)
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    Thank you so much!

    @msnijder30 Still can't see the player heads in the staff list. A way to fix this?

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    I'll take a look at what is wrong tomorrow, it's late here right now.

    EDIT: I fixed it, redownload it and it should be fine!
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    @msnijder30 You are so awesome!

    But if you have time, could you add like so instead of the white color in the name that it goes after the displayname on the server or maybe that it's at least changeable in the config.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I made a new command
    /setdisp {player} {display name}
    Just re-download it again and it should be goood
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