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    Staff Watcher

    Plugin category: Admin Tools

    Suggested name: Staff Tracker

    What I want: I want a plugin that will allow me to "track my staff". Like login/loggout times, How many hours they have spent on the server that week. I would also like to have the server staff be able set a status like working/not working so users don't feel like there being Ignored when some one does not answer. And if you can think of more ideas then that would be great!

    P.S. If you are good with php it would be awesome if i could link the status and hours with my WP website

    Ideas for commands: /at working /at notworking

    Ideas for permissions: admintracker.staff (telling the plugin to track this user)

    When I'd like it by: No rush. I'm asking you to make it for me :)
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    There is a plugin like this, called "ShiftClock"

    I is in abandonment, but I messaged the maker for the source code so I can revive it. It is updated for 1.3.1 though.
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    That is sorta what i'm looking for and will do for now but, i'm looking for someone to create a all in one server staff management plugin. And i am willing to help with this but my knowledge on java is low that's why i need help.

    To clarify i'm almost looking for some one to create something like milk admin but more like a staff panel where they can answer tickets see how many hours they have clocked and things of that sort.

    I apologize for not being that descriptive. so if you need more clarification feel free to ask.

    And if needed there may be a currency evolved in some shape or form :p

    And thank you for you're help!

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    No one interested?! May you plz tell me why?
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    I'm actuallt currently developing a plugin called Admin+ (Not on bukkitdev yet...)
    Anyways it will have many features like that.
    But i just started a few days ago so you may have to wait a while until alpha comes out...
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    Well thats great is there a way i can follow the development?

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