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Discussion in 'Staff Goodbyes' started by slipcor, Sep 6, 2014.

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    Hey there everyone.

    It might be that only a few of you guys actually know my name, let alone know who I am.
    Nevertheless, I want to reflect a bit about my experience in the past and the climax it has taken lately.

    Honestly I don't know where and when I began interacting with minecraft, but I think it was around the "add wolves" part of Minecraft that I started my own server, and quickly enjoyed the fact that I could just go and enhance my plugins, or even create my own ones. Yay, to !

    It saddened me that it took so long for files to be approved, man it was was 1-2 days. (lol right?) Incredible. INCREDIBLE. I wanted to fix that. So I applied somewhere - I think to TnT - shortly after I got into an IRC channel with some people I never talked to and instantly was part of a team, the staff team.

    We went a long way together, there were good times (thank you Gravity, thank you deathmarine ), and times where I felt like I was the only one doing anything in my own little staff channel, clearing the file queue! But I always remembered why I did this... Because I myself did not want for my files to wait for more than a day, preferably only for some hours. And we managed to do this...

    Over time, the queue began to grow bigger and I had some private issues and changes, which did not help at all, but I contributed as much as I could - I think this applied to many of us, however it was not quite enough. I had several nights totally destroying my sleep cycle by digging through files, pushing back real work things by digging through files, neglecting my real life (wth is that anyways?) digging through files. You guessed it, it still was not enough.

    On my amplitude of depression, EvilSeph came up with a solution to our problem. Many of us did not yet see that there was an issue, maybe due to lack of motivation or time. We were doing what we could, we added staff, we made sure that everyone did as much as they could, but it was not enough, even though TnT and mbaxter regularly kicked our bums. So, The Seph came up with an idea of TEAMS.

    I will not go into details, especcially not about whether this did do damage or not, because I myself, if I was in charge, would have given up at that point already. We did some serious improvement on the way, and still, you guessed it, it never was enough. Work, real life, queue, plugins - oh hell yeah, I still develop(ed) plugins in the meantime, several hundreds of tickets, several hundreds of commits...

    Anyways, the team thing did not help much. It instilled some hope and motivation in most of us, and we managed to cope with the queue for some time, but there is only so much you can do.

    With the absolute perfect timing, EvilSeph decided to drop the bomb, informing the community about the fact that it is dead. Everyone in our department would lie if they said they did not see it coming. We definitely had serious queue handling issues and the only option was to blindly approve everything, I'd rather leave before that happens. I have a responsibility and I think we did a good job at making a safe place by reviewing plugins.

    Next up, Mojang claims ownership, announce that they will lead Bukkit and that nothing changes until they'd do an announcement - Well, I decided to continue and wait for more input, but the only thing I saw were absolutely inappropriate Mojang staff reactions and conflicting pieces of (mis)information, especially about privileges and ownership and copyright issues.

    Finally, after most/all of the CraftBukkit fork implementations are taken down off github, the COO of Mojang decided to reply. I am not a lawyer, I really am not. But I have seen posts of people that claim to have the knowledge and they clearly contradict his public statement about the copyright situation right now, which seems to prove the merit of Mojang not responding to the initial ownership issue for 2 weeks now.

    This is more than a rash "bad aftertaste" type decision, it is my resignation based on the fact that I agree with EvilSeph that we as a community failed to deliver what we claimed we could. So my logical conclusion is that I step down to offer space to someone who does better in managing the work load.

    I am thankful for the Bukkit Team to have provided us with such a powerful community, such awesome tools to ensure safety, always available for feedback and questions, but let's wrap it up.

    Wolvereness I deeply respect the fact that you stand up for your rights even against a company of Mojang's 'size', not because they are evil, but because this is your right.

    EvilSeph , Amaranth , sk89q , Dinnerbone , feildmaster
    Thank you for your great contribution to what has brought fun to so many people on hundreds of thousands or even millions of servers (and of course a lot more players). Sorry if I forgot anyone who contributed a big amount to CraftBukkit, but you know that it's not available currently. That's a sad part about what we do. The names vanish in the big pile of what the community is.

    Notch and Jeb, thanks for creating and maintaining the game that was Minecraft, I am very interested in what it will become with the current changes.

    EvilSeph , TnT , mbaxter , Gravity
    Thank you for running this community, for your dedication towards the project that was Bukkit. Don't let anyone talk you down on what you achieved, don't listen to the haters, listen to your heart.

    Thanks to Curse - yes, seriously - without them, bukkit would have had no chance to survive the traffic it had and has to this day.

    Thanks to the admin team and the forum team, lukegb - that's the only name I know from the top of my head, sorry guys. Luke, please forward the thanks :)

    Thanks to the staff team. It was an honor to police this great community. I cannot name all you guys, but you know what I mean. If I could pick out someone, I'd probably pick CaptainBern right now, the two of us achieved much together since the teams period, and it is sad for both of us that what we did seems to not have the worth in the future as it had for our former superiors.

    Finally, thanks to all the authors I have prodded around to obeying to our guidelines, thanks to everyone who overcame the language burden to my occasionally twisted German English in order to to comply to what our guidelines expect from EVERYONE of us. Thanks to all the players, documenters, ticket creators, ticket handlers and who else worked behind the scenes. You made this possible, you kept this community running by keeping your interest.

    So to clarify, I am not leaving yet - the decision might depend on further public announcements and decisions on the Owner end - but I can no longer do what I did for the last two years. Let me close with a quote from my girl when I told her about what is happening around here:

    "So that means you have more time, right?"
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    Dude you maybe don't know who Iam, but one time i was struggling with 1 single function which wasn't working. Then, when I thought about freezing the plugin and its idea and make a break from everything, you gave me the awnser which I was searching for like 2 weeks! (You don't have to remember that, it was like 2-3 years ago :p)

    So huge thanks from my side, Iam sad that you leave the Bukkit team, but on the other hand you finally got some time for yourself! :rolleyes:

    I really hope that Mojang will fix all the problems very soon. However, in my opinion they really should make bukkit their official server software as its used by 99% anyways..

    So yeah, thanks for all your support! Iam glad that you don't leave Bukkit completely! ;)

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    Tons of love to you slip [cake]
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    Best of luck with the future slipcor. Thanks for showing me the ropes :)
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    Yeah and my memory really sucks. But you're welcome, it's what you do in a community :) <3
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    Out of everyones resignation this one hurts the most...

    I always felt like you were the most kind, understanding person to deal with over any interaction I had with Bukkit staff.
    (No offense to others)

    I hate that the community is in an irreversible state of destruction...

    I do realize that there are many more important things that we all should focus on, and on that note,
    I wish you the best in life!

    Thank you for all of your dedication and great representation of Bukkit!
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    PvP arena 4life.
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    Slipcor, you are the prime example of a good Bukkit developer. Little did I know about all the other things you did alongside your projects, and it just goes to show how much you care about the community. Thanks for being such a great community member, and especially for keeping up with all my silly little tickets...

    Great, some bastard is cutting onions and now I'm tearing up.

    See ya Slipcor <3
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    Aww you guys <3

    Please keep the tickets coming. However, I enjoy the fact that the ticket section has been quite silent lately. Time for a rewrite? >)
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    slipcor , You and a few other devs were the reason I started learning Java :) Your plugins are amazing, I've always used them. Terrible to see you have retired :(
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    I'm just a random person but I've used your plugins as well. Never got to say thanks before but here it is. Thanks. :)
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    :D slipcor Liked my post! This just made my day!
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    Thanks slipcor for being such an awesome Bukkit developer! Over the past year and a half in particular you have been an awesome help to me, and are actually one of the main reasons I started using my Java knowledge for writing private, and public plugins. There have been multiple occasions when I have asked a question in the forums, and you have been the only one to provide a clear and correct answer.

    It's sad to see you leaving, but I think that's going to be all of us pretty soon.

    Enjoy having more free time, you have more than earned it :)
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    I'm too loyal on this freaking game and that's because of Bukkit, the people behind Mojang who tried to kill the fun is just nuts, just because they needed more money in their pocket is just bull shiznizel!
    Minecraft Realms? seriously? OK... d[-_________________-]b

    Thank you for all the people who contributed in it "You guys are just an awesome sauce"

    Slipcor for life! its fun working with you! you know what? TF MAN? YOU'RE SO AWESOME! WE JUST CAN'T LET YOU GO :(

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    thanks for the kind words :) I am glad to see that I seemed to have done a good job every once in a while ;)

    Don't lose your faith just yet <3
  16. slipcor I didn't know you but other people seem to so I thank you for all the work and help you have given, and I am sure you will be missed.
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