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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by NickGames8029, Aug 2, 2021.

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    Version -> 1.8.8

    What I would like -> I would like a Leave and Join Alert that only Staff can see. So if the OWNER joins it will say the Owner joined but only for the people with the permission for it. Down here i have the message that i would like, But it would be better if i have a config where i can change it myself, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING FOR ME IS THAT IT WILL SHOW THE PEX RANK BEFORE THE USERNAME.
    %player's displayname% is the easiest to use in my opinion. But i would REALLY appreciate it because i have been searching for this for like weeks..

    Join/Leave Message ->
    &b[STAFF]&r %player's displayname% &eJoined.
    &b[STAFF]&r %player's displayname% &eDisconnected.

    Permissions ->

    For me I don't care if you put the StaffLeave in a different permission. You can also just use
    StaffJoin.Sent & StaffJoin.Receive.
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    what is PEX rank?
    and what does the perm- "StaffJoin.sent" do?... as far as i understood, the owner will have this perm and this will allow them to trigger a msg to the staffs that he joins.. isn't it?
    Edit: wait are u talking about PermissionEx?
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    Yes. PEX is an abbreviation of PermissionsEx.
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    StaffJoin.Sent will be the Permission that you need to Sent the join message to other staff members. So imagine you have this:

    Skeppy has permission StaffJoin.Sent

    Dream has permission StaffJoin.Receive

    Skeppy join the server

    Dream will get a notification that Skeppy joined.
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    hey... plzz check this once separately coz i made this in hurry and it probably trows an error
    Edit: this file is now updated.. and working fine with PEX and u can change the message from the config where %rank% will be taken as player's prefix and %name% will be taken as player's name
    Note: you will have to unzip the file first as jar file are not allowed to upload here

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    I'm not sure if it's working or not actually, It doesn't give me a config i believe. If it does what is the name?
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