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    Are the recently builds of craftbukkit run faster on SSD or the same with HHD? Thanks
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    Anything will run faster on an SSD over a standard HDD.
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    SSD for server, HDD for backups.
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    Since we're on topic, I'll ask here instead of making a new thread. Is there any way to test SSD/HDD speeds? I have two servers on a VPS and I'm paying $10 extra per month for an SSD. One server is on the SSD and another is on the HDD, and the SSD server gets overloaded more quickly than the HDD server even though the SSD server has more RAM allocated to it and the HDD server is Tekkit with a lot of Railcraft world anchors around. The Tekkit server on the HDD should be using way more resources, yet it runs fine with 12 players on, and the Bukkit server on the SSD starts getting low tickrates after the 10th player.

    tl;dr version: I suspect my VPS's SSD is slower than their HDD. How could I test? Preferably without shutting down both servers.
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    Run a read/write speed test, they vary depending on what OS you use.

    SSDs are faster, but are known to be unstable and less reliable.

    HDDs are indeed slower in general, but tend to be more reliable in most cases.
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    Do you know of a method that works on CentOS Linux? Also, I don't know much about hard drive mechanics, but I think the test would have to be the same kind of read I/O that Minecraft does. Like, some drives are marketed as having good speeds for continuous reads, but that means crap for Minecraft because it's just a bunch of small files. :p
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    Ramdrive > SSD > HDD
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    It's a VPS. Both the SSD and HDD are shared between users. One could be more overloaded than the other. Please read the entire post before posting.
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