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  1. Hey, I guessed I would try posting here. I am absolutely clueless, what are the differences, should I get one or the other, or both? Does anyone know a little about each or perhaps some other sources of information? I'm running a dedicated server and the TPS has been low recently, so I've been attempting to look into new methods to increase server performance and allow for expanding in the future. We currently have 150/150 every afternoon, which is normally when we drop to about 10-14 TPS.

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    If you're not familiar with setting up RAMDisks and setting up scripts to make backups, etc, just go for a SSD. It will do wonders.
  3. Jonchun Haha, alright. Thanks for the help! One last question, what size would you suggest? They offer from 60GB to 480GB.
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    Unless you're really bad at clearing out server logs, the largest worlds I've seen are about 12GB or so. Also, getting a better processor might help. (Contact me and I might be able to help Skype: JonchunxD. I'll need more info and we can talk privately.)

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    If your TPS is low look at upgrading the CPU. If you still have problems then load everything onto a 120GB SSD and that should do the trick.
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    Yes upgrade the CPU, and choose a high frequency one. ( and overclock it ).
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