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    Simply allows all players to sprint even when the bar is empty.
    I know this is possible because /fly in essentials does this
  2. GaminWhorrr I'm willing to bet that that's just a side effect of the flying rather than essentials also having an (undocumented) feature of allowing running while out of food with fly mode on. So this isn't necessarily possible.
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    Okay no forget it...
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    GaminWhorrr, I'm not sure this is even possible... I'll take a look for you though. /)(\

    GaminWhorrr, took a quick look, and I think I can bypass it with a little bit of work. I have something to do this morning, but I'll get on it when I can. Just tag me.

    EDIT: Sorry, this isn't possible. There isn't an event that throws when the player tries to run, do there is nothing I can do.

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    • Don't act like this. Thanks.
    If you have nothing helpful to add then fuck off

    Cool thank you for trying, i guess it is client side that it's controlled..

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    The Fancy Whale

    Could use player move event, check if the player stops then continues really quickly. Not very realistic, but might be a hacky fix.
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    The Fancy Whale, that wouldn't work either. There would be no way to differenciate between walking and running.
    GaminWhorrr, i could make it so clicking with an item on the air makes you run again, but i don't think it was what you were expecting.
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    I'm marking this as filled, even though it's not, because I can't "close" a thread.
    I'm looking into other alternatives that aren't server side.
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    GaminWhorrr Question, do you need the food bar? If not, disable hunger on the server. I created a plugin to do something similar. It stops world hunger so peoples food bar's don't deplete, and I made food heal HP when eaten. In order to allow food to be eaten when the food bar is full I simply made a quick fix that sets hunger level to 9 really quickly, and then sets it back to 10 after the food has been eaten.
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    1. public void onSprint(PlayerToggleSprintEvent e){
    2. Player p = e.getPlayer()
    3. if (p.isSprinting()){
    4. p.setWalkSpeed(int);
    5. } else {
    6. p.setWalkSpeed(int);
    7. }
    8. }
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    I would be willing to help you and make this, but when you are disrespectful to Bukkit members, I lose all respect for you. I don't help people who I have no respect for.
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    • Regardless of your personal feelings towards any one person, you are expected to keep your discussion civil on these forums. DO NOT continue to fling around insults and profanity; it will not be tolerated.
    And as I said to the moderator, that useless turd was being unnecessarily negative.

    Now please people this tread is closed...

    Thank you for your help
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    Seeing as the original subject of this thread has been somewhat resolved, sort of, and it's now just devolved into name-calling, yeah, locking the thread.
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