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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Afforess, Aug 28, 2011.

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    Seeing as how there are > 30 Spout plugins (More than some of the existing catagories), it would be handy to have a Spout catagory.

    Especially since there is no good way to filter plugins like the old "Get Plugins" page.
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    I heartily endorse this. If it's at all possible I would also love to see a search function that can rank plugins by their recent activity (like the old get plugins page), or perhaps download count - CurseForge already tracks this on individual files.
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    @EvilSeph best idea yet. Such a mess trying to look for spout specific plugins. Clearly it has earned itself a spot.
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    Spout is a plugin like any other though it may be a plugin that many others use its still a plugin and I dont see you suggesting a sole iconomy or permissions category them having ~100 plugins that depend on them just as you have plugins that depend on your as well. However I can see spout using the [dev] category (if not already) as it provides a general "overhang" to what spout does. Just as [econ] for iconomy and [admn] for permissions.

    I do agree with the search functions that Arkel suggested as well as a search feature based on the category.
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    Spout unlike iConomy or Permissions isn't simply an optional addon for plugins or one of many choices for managing a global system, it is an API much like Bukkit's API geared at basically allowing Bukkit Modifications to change the client sided modding experience.

    It changes the rules of other modifications and it's (right now) impossible for it to survive next to for example SpoutManager or SuperSpout (if you get my reference here). There's a lot more into it and I find it would be very useful to be able to find the mods in a category for the server owners who have and endorse Spout. Server owners who do not use it do not need to find them in other categories at all- sever owners who do can really use an organized area for them.

    That said, I would like for a dependecy system where plugins can mark other plugins required and users can filter out plugins with dependencies they do not possess.

    That mentioned, wouldn't it be swell if Bukkit would come with a single plugin to link your server to your forum account, pulling it's plugins and automatically "Subscribing" to the correct thread, notifying you of updates and enabling other plugins to have like a list you get on installing say IPB.

    What I mean by that is:

    "You have the dependency Permissions installed... But a different version and thus may not work with this plugin!"
    "You have Spout installed! This unlocks the following features of this plugin:
    "You do not have iConomy, you will not be able to use this plugin without installing it."

    Transform BukkitDev in a more centralized system and API for managing your server? Yes?

    I was planning on making a huge suggestions thread including the exact systems behind it, but figured that'd be tl;dr'd into the abyss.
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    Have fun =D

    On BukkitDev you can add projects as 'Optional' or 'Require' dependencies, however there is no way to currently search for plugins with or without a dependency. I'll pass the idea onto others.
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    I agree there are almost more Spout plugins then there are plugins under the fixes section. There should be a Spout section.
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    Coming from the Master Troll :p
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    I sense a disturbance in the force!

    And alright :)

    Oh, and as for the search thing, I realize it's there, but I think Spout grew large enough and is ambitious enough to deserve it's own category. It'd be some support too, which is something it needs. Thinking of what we can do with it if it manages to get the majority to use it... Well, let's just say if i'd describe it I would be banned for profanity. :p
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    I know im bumping a relatively old thread but I was gonna start another thread suggesting it :p
    I'm sure everyone would definatley love this idea :D
  12. IMO, yes.
    The problem is then we hear "ICONOMY CATEGORY PERMISSIONS CATEGORY" etc
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    So we reply with:

    "SHUT YOUR MOUTH! Spout is amazing and is way more important then that crap called Economics Section."
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    Probably because a lot of the fix plugins haven't been uploaded to DBO.
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    Don Redhorse

    well let's look at this way...

    Spout is a category a lot of plugins fall into either because they need it or they support it, also searching for spout returns tons of plugins... but it is hard to find spout..
    Permissions are quite important to the running of a server and a search for permissions returns TONS of plugins which support permissions.
    And economies... the same...

    so I guess... yeah we need 3 more categories... or a different way perhaps the whole idea is organized..
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    The chances of this happening are slim to none...

    If you hand out a category to Spout... others will want a category... and so on.

    It's easy enough to just search for the plugins themselves, also http://getspout.org/ -- It looks like they're gearing up to have all Spout related plugins/addons there.
  17. True ;)

    They are...Its awesome :D

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    The solution would be for plugin that (soft)depend a certain plugin, to have a link to it, and for those plugins that have other plugins depending on it, an overview page.

    Depends on: CoolPlugin, AnotherPlugin
    Soft-Depends on: FooPlugin

    Plugins Depending on this plugin:
    • BarPlugin
    Bam, instant categories!
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    Better yet just put spout in with craftbukkit. Mhmm.
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    At least put the chest/inventory API that was originally in BukkitContrib in it. It doesn't really fit in with the whole spout idea anyways.
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    Whatever works.
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    An additional API doesn't fit withing the whole idea of a plugin that adds API functions?
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    While we're at it, let's also make an iConomy, Permissions, and Craftbukkit tab.
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    and a TNT Blocking category
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    I agree.

    It would help immensely to have users find all the 999,999,999 TNT Blocking plugins.
  26. I'm sure most plugin developers have written private blockers too.
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    Seeing as I've already responded to you regarding the chances of this happening... I'll lock the thread to prevent any more of these response :p.
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