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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Rexcantor64, Nov 22, 2015.

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    I'm making a skywars plugin (for my server) and I need help on gamemode 3 part. If you know, you can teleport to people selecting some items on inv (by minecraft default). But, you can teleport to everyone on my sever, so they can leave the arena. I need to only show the players playing. Is there any way to do that?

    eg.: cubecraft network
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    Add all players in game
    Loop through them
    Teleport on click
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    It's not that.
    On minecraft 1.8, there is already a teleport system and I don't know how to edit that.
    I want to hide player that aren't ingame.
    I will post a screenshot soon...
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    Most of the servers that use that are on bungeecoord
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    Anyone can help me???
    I need that...
    Is always a way!
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    You can't edit that feature, you have to re-create it yourself.

    You'll need to:

    1. Keep a Collection of the players in your arena.
    2. Create a command or something that opens a GUI
    3. Put the Player heads of the players in your Collection inside that GUI
    4. Handle the InventoryClickEvent so that when a player clicks on that head, it teleports them to that player.
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    The only problem is:

    • I already had that type of system. It had a lot of bugs with the projectils and with the blocks (the spectator can bug they and the player die)
    • I want to use 1.8 spectator system.
    • I want my plugin without bugs :p
    I really need to use 1.8 spectator system...
    I will try to find it...

    An idea:

    If I hide all players on the server (except others on the arena) with player.hidePlayer(targetPlayer) the will not show on the spectator menu?
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  10. hide players not in the area for the spectator using spectator.hidePlayer(other)
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    Thanks for all your help. It works.


    If you use player.hidePlayer(targetPlayer); that player will not appear on the spectator menu.
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    Handy to know, cheers
  13. People that leave or die or how ever u want to do it m i guess do the player die event and and just move them to a arraylist and. Hide that player

    I might be late on the post but still doesnt hurt to help

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